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    Strange Call, Possible Scam?

    I received a call this afternoon on my cell phone. A recorded voice said "We regret to inform you that your MasterCard account has been locked. To speak with a customer service representative, press 1 now."

    The call came from 19000 which is not a valid phone number.

    The whole thing seems fishy to me, so I just hung up. Has anyone heard of this? Or should I call my credit card companies and inquire?


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    Re: Strange Call, Possible Scam?

    yes, sounds like phishing. they wanted to trick you into giving your account info so they could use it to buy something.

    a real call would have been more like, this is monica, at YourBank . . . we need to chat.

    see, your mastercard account is issued and controlled by some particular bank. mastercard itself doesn't have accounts, they have blank cards.

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    Re: Strange Call, Possible Scam?

    I get those frequently, hang on long enough and you will get a real human scammerperson.

    When I ask for them to specify which of my credit cards they are referring to, or which CC company they are with, they will usually just hang up on me.

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    Re: Strange Call, Possible Scam?

    I get this too - told them to stop dialing me, got irate, even went as far as to refer to the callers ghetto accent in a derogatory nature.
    I've notified my ph. co., and they are investigating.
    Strange, as it's a # thats not shared outside of family, yet they knew my name. Maybe they got someone inside verizon?

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    Re: Strange Call, Possible Scam?

    hello, they were calling me too and it really irritates me... surely these prank calls are considered scam?:spin2:

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