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    Tax Preparer Ripoffs

    I don't know all there is to know about tax law, more about tax preparer scams now that i have been taken by a preparer myself. After reading all i have, i realize my case is measly, it was just for a return that i paid for and never got. What i am reading however is about these jerks that are taking advantage of folks in tax trouble that scare the heck out of them, thinking they are going to jail if they don't fork over gobs of money, then they do nothing for them. I am figuring the guy that got my $1200 is one of those jerks, as he advertises that he is all about handling audits and appeals, not so much doing returns, but if you happen to have $600 for a simple return that you would like to have flawed to the point that you lose unrecoverable over payments due to his mistakes, you might want to call him for that too. He has several internet complaints from folks saying he got them for 5-7K, wondered what he charged that kind of fees for, now i get it. So, here i am, trying to put out the word, there are lots of these guys around. You put money in their hands, they can guarantee you nothing, just like a lawyer can't guarantee you will win a case, they can't guarantee you will win your tax case and if you are really on your way to jail, a simple tax preparer won't be able to stop that. My first suggestion is that you go to a CPA, they have real education and stakes in keeping in good standing, i don't care what a "tax accountant" or preparer tells you, a CPA is your best bet. I can suggest one in the LA area, that's as far as my experience goes. But i would like to get input from others on this subject, experiences of others and hopefully help others who are dealing with these problems. Lets talk about putting these ripoff artists out of business!:2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: Tax Preparer Ripoffs

    The reality is you do not need any qualifications to call yourself a Tax Preparer. I found out the same thing a few years ago. This is good advice.

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