There was a Protest Rally in Asheville today and this was my speech.

Please remember that I call a Spade a Spade When it comes to any form of injustice to basic Rights in America on Free Speech.

Fascist America?
Chaplain Ray Gorton Feb 24 2011
From “The Church of What’s happening Now”

I thought, I lived in a Land where we claim in the Constitution "We the People"

So, where are "We the People" in this country going to end up with?
If we don't stand for these Workers (all) in being able to relay their idea's to those who would Rule Over them?

Sure, there is fundamentally something wrong with what now is being done to insure that not just these individuals, but all individuals will have no say in their future.

When you have a Supreme Court in the land that judges who is to be President (Bush v Gore)

When you have these same Judges pass the Citizens United Contribution Law, did we not think then that "We the People" are no longer?
These same Conservatives have scratched out “We the People” from the Constitution and replaced it to "We the Corporation"
Right under our noses.

"We the Corporation" have almost completely eliminated themselves from taxation, (because they will create Jobs printing pink slips) is just that, an excuse to squeeze the very last drop from the former "We the People's" coffers.

Once all classes are brought to plunder by the 2% who reign over us, there will be so much suffering, it will be as foretold by me in 1970, that we will and have become
"We the Serfs"

My daughter in-law is a NJ teacher.
She has paid her % into the system for 10 yrs.
Now, has found that NJ never paid their part into Her Benefits for retirement.
Her pay is not $100,000 dollars as some would think.
She will stay up all night with lesson planning and no overtime for the hrs upon hrs away from her own child, for these children.
There is a sacrifice, they these very Conservatives have all forgotten, that most all Teachers have a very heavy work load that now will be twice as before with 60 kids in a class.

I suppose all you Conservatives do believe that our Children would be better off not to learn anything, when there will be 60 unruly kids in class, all with i-pods.

All of the Conservatives refuse to see the full measure of an empty cup.

Right Wing Fascist Attitude towards others brinks on the insanity.

How can we progress in, say R.I. where 1900 teachers got Pink Slips. Fired!

I will ask you all to answer these simple questions:

1. Who will Teach our children if not teachers? (You)

2. Who will have so called Jobs for these children who have no intelligence? (the Military, now named at recruiting centers as Career Centers)

3. Who will pick up your Garbage and take it to the dump. (You?)

4. Who will Police your cities? ------- (Gangs?)

5. Who will put out your fires?-------- ( You?)

6. Who will Medivac you?------------- (You?)

7. Do you truly believe the Corporate Fascist lies about JQ public and the middle Class?

8. Do you believe, that your elected officials represent you, if your not one of the 2%?

9. Do you believe that when John the Apostle saw the Horseman of Death coming was actually the Horseman of Financial Death? ( for now the world has gone broke).
(No finances, No life on planet earth except for those who have stolen our wealth, the 2%)

10. Have you been so foolish not to see the World on Fire over the injustices that all these years have done by Greed?

11. Who will have a bright future?

12. Ho do you expect to have endless Wars and not have taxes increased but lowered?

Through lies, deception, and economic ruin Fascism will Rule.

There is now a movement of Brutes taking away from what was once "We the People" and giving it to the 2% and creating “We the Corporations”

Listen to me as I say it again:

Fascist America is being brought to you by Lies, Deception and Economic Ruin.

Read what happened to a 71 yr Old who never spoke a word. Just got up to leave. It is a disgrace. Ray McGovern former CIA official who was beaten and jailed for turning His back on Hillary Clinton at George Washington University while she was speaking and him not saying a word on Feb 16th. He was disgusted at her hypocrisy. He went to leave and was beaten, not even disagreeing verbally, just trying to leave. (Fascism)

Then tell me it ain't happening here in this Empire.

It is our Duty to our fellow Americans to remove the “Iron Fist” wrapping around our Country.

NOW! Not Tomorrow! NOW!

If these Conservatives have a belief in God, they have disobeyed His laws of LOVE.
Their Reward is in the here and now, according to what has been written Scripture, that
there will be no Reward in the Here After.

May God have Mercy on their Souls.