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    Investment in Gold shares

    I have been recently approached by LANDEN Options and Futures investment group operating out of Brussels

    can any one tell me if this is a real company , or a scam

    the web page looks very professional but when you look at the contact us details there is no phone number which makes me believe that this is not a true investment company

    their approach is similar to the HIS commoddities group in Hong Kong , which was a scam 2 years ago

    would be interested in any advice available


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    Re: Investment in Gold shares

    What is the website address?

    There is a company called "Landen Options and Futures" that claims
    The new brokerage trading venture in UK will be highlighted with advanced online FOREX trading service, aside from futures and options trading

    There is a thread here at Scamdot com about that subject:


    The bottom line is that any investment can make you money or you can lose money.
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    Re: Investment in Gold shares

    hold on to your wallet. that site was registered by anonymous person on Jan 3, 2011, for one year. the company claims to have been doing business since 1990, but google never heard anything about them until this week.

    are they promising a high rate of return?

    have your contact there, come here, and defend the company.
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    Re: Investment in Gold shares

    Thank you for your reply and advice

    this company has a website

    They callked me again today and I told them to take a hike.:blunt:

    how can I protect others from getting caught up with them ?

    regards Dunover ( once is enough )

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    Re: Investment in Gold shares

    This is entirely a scam. They claim they are registered and licensed with the NFA and the CFTC. They are not. Their account forms are a joke.

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    Re: Investment in Gold shares

    If anyone was called by or received any documents from Landen Options and Futures, please call me at 312-596-0524.

    My name is Camille Arnold and I work for the CFTC.

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