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    Click Income Tycoon

    Hi Everyone:
    Anyone belong to Click Income Tycoon and what can you tell us about them.

    It looks good on paper but seems like a lot of programs look that way until you join and then they turn out to be duds.

    Larry D.

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    Re: Click Income Tycoon

    paul birdsall....nuff said!

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    Re: Click Income Tycoon

    yes i did join cit/zibzoom and thought it to be a good system. a couple of months later paul birdsall left as president and ceo of zibzoom and took a more active roll in cit, adding tools that you had to pay for monthly, all that directly paid him. a scam? i dont know,i made the mistake of not researching him till i was already 700 dollars in. i did make back some of it but could not in good concience recommend the system anymore due to the negative responses i was seeing on posts.he is selling leads thru a co-op and also with a couple of tools you must sign up for, but a former business he used to run pay it foward for profits, i seen an add that said only losers pay for leads i cut my losses and left.

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    Re: Click Income Tycoon

    I joined this back in Feb.2011 . Came in as a PaceSetter $499.00 Top of the line was going to make money and did not have to do any thing more. Was going to get 16% of all the company did just for being a PaceSetter. Order a Co-op they wanted me to for $150.00 for 5 people on Feb.10 am still waiting on that . Now they say you get 3 people for $150.00 and you have to call them yourself. They did away with the 16% thing about two weeks after I joined . I never made one dime off this . So if you are thinking about joining this I would think again. This one got me BIG time :zx11pissed:

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