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    Blog Link Generator

    Anyone any experience using this?

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    Re: Blog Link Generator

    From the website BlogLinkGenerator

    Take in keywords you enter OR pull keywords from (search system)
    Use those keywords to find relevant blogs on blogger.com.
    Ok so far, plenty of utilities- freeware and payware, including one the doctor just downloaded (but hasn't played with yet.)- do this sort of keyword grab. Not quite a keyword analysis, but better than guessing.

    Automatically post your comments to those blogs,
    "Spam, baked beans,and Spam,Spam,Spam,Spam..."

    including that all-important link back to your site.
    A hyper-link, buried in a spammed comment that no-one will ever read - much less click on.
    (A "back-link" is a different animal entirely.)

    Skyrocket your link popularity!
    "Nosedive", would be a more accurate word choice.

    Doctor recommended reading:
    "Search Engine Optimization for Dummies" by Peter Kent.

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    Re: Blog Link Generator

    hi i have this script installed
    it promises to be a useful marketing tool
    however it doesnt bloody work
    that is it runs fine does everything except post comments
    or at least i cantmake it work
    anyone out there running this script succesfully?

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