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    Has anyone had any experience with this outfit. We need some extra cash and it sounds good, but..... If anyone knows anything, please let me know. I know some of these hover over people and take everything they can get off of them :mad: . Thanks for your help on this

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    Re: simpledataentryjobs.com

    I am repeating this for 100th time. All data entry jobs are scams. All.
    I also saw simpledataentryjobs.com site this week under some other name.

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    Re: simpledataentryjobs.com

    They are all scams!! A matter of fact, the so called work at home jobs they advertise are scams. Just a bunch of sociopathic morons who have nothing better to do ut to take everyone's money. My god, if theyre that smart scamming people, shouldn't they just become scummy salespeople selling cars or Timeshare?

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