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    Commercial Programming Systems Scam & Fraud Alert

    Every one that is reading this be aware. CEO Alan Strong of Commercial Programming Systems, Inc(CPS, Inc) has scammed several people in last 2 years and have not paid wages and bills to the vendors. Alan Strong and his wife Bonnie and are continuing to find innocent victims and scam and fraud them. They use this company to swindle and move money into their personal accounts. Alan Strong is a very dishonest and wretched human being who has destroyed so many families of their livelihood. Becareful and stay away from these scamsters.
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    Re: Commercial Programming Systems Scam & Fraud Al

    We were also scammed by Commercial programming Systems, Inc based of California. We were a vendor and they did not pay us for 8 months. CEO Alan Strong and his girl friend Bonnie lied and lied, scammed and frauded us. Looks like there are several vendors and employees who are in the same boat. We have filed a law suit for committing fraud. I 'm sure Alan Strong and Bonnie will pay for their sins and will burn in hell. Also, be careful about recruiter from this company Donna Preston. She plays the team work to scam and spot new victims.

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