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Shannon H

Avondale AZ 85323

RE: Beacon Consulting Services, BCS America, Tradeline

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Rochester NH 03867

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To Whom It May Concern:

On or around June 24, 2004, I was referred to BCS America for the purpose of “credit repair”. I requested from Ron Harris, local Arizona BCS representative, that he fax me everything on the company that I needed to know to make an educated decision on the company. Mr. Harris faxed me three sheets: ‘What BCS America Does” (2 pages) and my verisign form for BCS to auto draft my checking account in the amount of $425 for the service.

In the time that I registered with BCS, I received one email out of the fifteen they promised regarding the credit system. I also received dispute letters that I was to send to the bureaus. After reviewing these letters, I contacted Mr. Harris and explained that everything that he wanted me to dispute was accurate information. He told me to send them anyway, which I did. Approx two weeks later, I received a fraud notice from one of my creditors assuming that I was trying to commit fraud by disputing the accurate collection notice.

I contacted the creditor and was told that it would be on my bureau that I was trying to dispute the accurate account, which I later found out through Equifax that that information alone was a red flag on my bureau, which would keep me from gaining any new credit. I called the home office in New Hampshire hoping maybe someone there could explain why this was happening. I left messages, apparently I was calling after hours, for someone to please call me back. I continued to leave messages, even during hours when a female receptionist told me all the “managers were in a meeting.”

By the last week in August, I had heard nor received anything from the company. I called Mr. Harris and told him that I was not happy with the entire thing and wanted my money back. Mr. Harris told me there were no refunds, no matter what.

At this time, I searched for a way to contact someone at the main office. I found an email address for Bruce McInnis, which I sent him a complaint letter, which was also sent to the better business bureau. Mr. McInnis responded to me by calling me “ludacris” and telling me I had never called the main office. He also insisted that I had “electronically signed” a contract that stated no refunds. I sent him back a message explaining I had not signed anything. (Please see attached emails from Mr.McInnis, straight from his personal account)

The New Hampshire better business bureau sent me notice that the complaint was being closed because BCS told them that they were refunding me. I sent word back to the better business bureau explaining that they had done no such thing and the complaint has since been reopened.

In the attached emails, you will find were I have been insistently threatened with “legal action” if I “slander” their company by informing consumers of my personal experience. They also have never actually called me, let alone refunded me. They will not show me were I “electronically” signed and Mr. McInnis even admitted that Ron Harris had filled everything out “on my behalf”. Ron Harris was given no such authorization.

When I started speaking with BCS America, it was in the hopes of repairing credit, as they promised, to assist in me, my husband, and our two little girls, in purchasing a house. It went from home ownership plans, to no returned calls, to BCS threatening lawsuits.

I have never once said that whatever they promise to do does not work. However, BCS has severely damaged any hopes of client relationship they may have had with me. Bruce McInnis himself has put me down personally. His emails are attached as proof that what I am saying is true and valid, and are in no way slanderous. They are straight from his email, his words, for other consumers to see. If for any reason, they are not attached, you may email me directly and I will forward them.

Shannon H

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