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    Anyone seen this one? Looking for next of kin to collect estate

    I have checked this forum to find info on a few email scams. I haven't seen anything on this. Just recieved this email a couple days ago. It came through to my inbox because the email address is a yahoo account. Anyone seen this one before?

    Dear Friend,

    I know this email will come to you in an odd manner as
    you have not received any prior communication from me
    before now.

    But be that as it may, my name is Mr.Steven Wright
    and I was privileged to be the personal attoney of my
    deceased client who lost his life sometime ago with his
    whole family.Please visit this site that is one of
    the evidence.

    In the process of review of the financial report by his
    bank they informed me of his money,the only way i can
    get hold of this money is to present the next of
    kin/beneficary to my late client's estate.I discovered
    that both of you have a similar last name, hence I
    contacted you so that I can give you further briefing
    on my intention and how to disburse the estate he left

    I will most acknowledge your prompt response as that
    would enable us to start something immediately.

    Steven Wright.

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    Re: Anyone seen this one? Looking for next of kin to collect estate

    You may have already found out by now, but... stay away from this... just delete the e-mail... it is a scam. Plus, posing as 'next of kin' when you are not is illegal, it's called fraud.

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