We were contacted by First Choice Vacations (via snail mail) to come listen to a talk about a vacation travel club. For coming to listen to the talk, we were offered a free one week cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines. We asked multiple times what fees we would have to pay for the "free" cruise. We were told taxes and fees (dealer delivery fees and reservation charges) would be our responsibility.

I looked on another vacation planning site for a one week Carnival cruise: http://vacationstogo.com/fastdeal.cfm?deal=15107. The price/person for that cruise is $359.

The fees incurred with the "free vacation" are:
$4.95 processing fee
$100 registration activation fee (non-refundable)
$249 port fees, taxes, air tax, agency fees
$??? dealer delivery fees
$??? reservation charge
$??? fuel surcharges
$??? hotel charge if you can't be flown on the same day as your cruise
$??? airport transfers, gratuities, miscellaneous expenses
Bottom line:
vacationsToGo cost: $359 First Choice Vacations fees: $353.95 + MORE UNKNOWN FEES
This sure doesn't sound like a "free" cruise to me BUT does sound like a SCAM!