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    Mubarak: One More Cost Of Being In Bed With Israel

    Too ing bad.

    Israel created their own problems, and the US should stand back and let nature take its course.

    If Israelis really are God's chosen people, then they do not need our tax dollars or the lives of our children to continue their regime.

    Israel Already Whining How Mubarak's Fall Is Really Bad For Their Continued Starvation Of Gaza


    For Israel, the popular uprising against the Mubarak regime raises the specter of its worst strategic nightmare: collapse of the peace treaty with Egypt, the cornerstone of its regional policy for the past three decades.

    That is not the inevitable outcome of the unrest; a modified version of the Mubarak government could survive and retain the “cold peace” with Israel.

    But if, in a worst case scenario, democratic or Islamic forces were to come to power denouncing Israel and repudiating the peace deal, that could herald the resurrection of a major military threat on Israel’s southern border.

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