Per Jan 2011 Licensed Private Investigator Report: Belmont Wealth Management using persons names Michael Brookes, Danny Sartar, John Boudreau (Australia) - and Asian Pacific Commercial ******* using persons names Andrew Formica, Guoxue Hao, Lesley Simmons, Cathy Lai, Sue Wong, Stephen Dunne (Hong Kong) are a "partnered" scam. Via "very legitimate appearing websites", they will agree to ******* your company, under very "loose and attractive" terms. FRONT-MONEY: From $13K to $30K USD for "various" Reports & Guarantees. When confronted with "scam/PI Report" or a request for a "personal meeting at your business site", they will simply not acknowledge or respond. THEY WILL CONTINUE THIS SCAM either under the ABOVE NAMES & PERSONS until this factual knowledge becomes known to more people; THEN - they WILL construct NEW WEBSITES, NEW NAMES - and continue the "triangled" (you, Hong Kong, Australia) or any other countries JIGSAW PUZZLE. Also, they post their Business Profiles on Linkedin (which anyone can do without verification) to "present themselves" as credible finance people. BOTTOM-LINE: If you run across anything that "remotely smells" like this, STOP !!! THEY WILL CONTINUE THEIR "SCAM & FRAUD". They simply play "the %'s" !!!!!!!