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    Creatures' Grave Desecrated.

    Before I die, I believe it is necessary for me to post this.

    Two days ago I had another dream about dinosaurs. There are several stages to this dream. First, I saw the ground and underneath were dinosaur bones. Then, I was digging sewer from the ground. I saw other people digging trash, filth, and debris from the ground to uncover dinosaur bones. We couldn't see the bones for all the filth and debris.

    It fits with other dreams I've had about paradise. In those dreams, there have always been dinosaurs, but no humans. I've researched the topic, but I can't find the exact time. I believe it was 65 million years ago when the majority of God's creatures were in full bloom. Shortly thereafter, they were exterminated.

    This is my interpretation. God is unhappy with humans because they have disturbed his last memory of paradise.

    Dinosaurs and other creatures of that time had eternal life with God and His angels.
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