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    You gotta read Enoch

    Lost book of Enoch chapter 62 (read Rev. 19)

    Judgment of El Shaddi (God Almighty)

    1. Thus ha adon (the Lord) commanded the Kings (Leaders) and the Mighty (Generals) and the Exalted (Religious Leaders) and those who dwell on the Earth (all people), and said: “Open your eyes and lift up your horns if you are able to recognize the Elect One” (Yahusha/ Son of Man)

    2. And the ah adon of spirits (El Shaddi) seated him on his throne of glory, and the spirit of righteousness was poured out on Him, and the word of His mouth slays all the sinners, and all the unrighteous are destroyed from in front of His face.

    Compare with Rev. 19

    3. And in that day all the kings and mighty, and the exalted and those who hold the earth shall stand up and shall see and recognize that He sits on the throne of His glory, and that righteousness is judged before Him, and no lying word is spoken before Him.

    4. Then pain will come on them as on a women in labor, and she has pain when giving birth when her child enters the mouth of the womb, and she has pain in childbirth.

    5.And one portion of them shall look at the other, and they shall be terrified, and they shall look downcast, and pain shall seize them, when they see that the Son of Man sitting on the throne of His glory.

    Compare with Matthew 25:31

    6. And the kings and the mighty and all who possess the earth shall bless and glorify and exalt Him who rules over all, who was hidden. (Yahusha/ Christ)

    7. For from the beginning the Son of Man was hidden, and the Most High preserved Him in the presence of His might, and revealed Him to the Elect (believers) .

    8. And the congregation of the Elect and Holy shall be sown, and all the Elect shall stand before Him on that day.

    9. And all the Kings and the Mighty and the Exalted and those who rule the earth shall fall down before Him on their faces, and worship and set their hope on that Son of Man and petition Him and supplicate for mercy at His hands.

    10. Nevertheless that the ha adon of spirits (El Shaddi) will so press them that they shall heavily go out from His presence, and their faces shall be filled with shame, and the darkness grows deeper on their faces.

    11. He shall deliver them to the Angels for punishment, to execute vengeance on them because they have oppressed His children and His Elect.

    12. They shall be a spectacle for the righteous and for His Elect. They shall rejoice over them, because the wrath of the ha adon of spirits rest on them, and His sword is drunk with their blood.

    13. The righteous and the Elect shall be saved on that day (End of Days) “no pre-tribulation as preached now, but never spoken of even by the Prophets of Old.”
    And they shall never again see the face of the sinners and un-righteous.

    14. Ha adon of spirits will abide over them, and they shall eat, lie down and rise up with the Son of Man for ever and ever.
    “ With our ha adon we shall rise and lay down (wake and sleep) and will eat in the kingdom of the here after”

    15. The righteous and the Elect shall have risen from the earth, and ceased to be downcast and they will be clothed with garments of life.

    16. These shall be garments of Life from ha adon of spirits; they shall never wear out nor will your glory pass away from before ha adon of spirits.

    Chapter 63

    1. In those days shall the Mighty and the Kings who possess the earth shall beg Him to grant them a little respite from His Angels of punishment to whom they were delivered, that they might fall down and worship before ha adon of spirits, and confess their sins before Him.

    Read 2-5

    6. And now we long for a little respite but find it not. We are driven away and obtain it not: And the light has vanished before us, and darkness is our dwelling place for ever and ever;

    7. Because we have not believed in Him nor glorified the name of ha adon of spirits; but our hope was in the scepter of Our Kingdom, and in Our own glory.
    “ This is speaking directly to whom have the Power over the Nations of the Earth and those who have the strength in their Militaries”
    (Could very well be America) ie: Proud to be American, greatest nation God has given the Earth, Super Power, Financial Horseman of the Apocalypse (possible) we do say in God we trust, but do we?
    Read 8-10

    10.Now they say to themselves: “ Our souls are full of unrighteous gain, but what we have gained does not prevent us from descending from the midst of our wordly gain into torment(burden) of hell (sheol).”

    11. After that their faces shall be filled with darkness and shame before the Son of Man (Yahusha/Christ) and they shall be driven from His presence, and the sword shall abide before His face in their midst.

    12. Thus spoke ha adon of spirits; “This is the ordinance and judgment with respect to the Might and the Kings and the Exalted and those who possess the earth (the 2% who own the wealth of the world) before ha adon of spirits.

    This Book of Enoch was hidden from us and now revealed.
    Seems as if Rev. and Enoch have allot in common when it come to End of Days.
    Also make many mentions to the Son of man as Christ referred to Himself as.

    Ask yourself this;

    If Christ and the Apostles referenced Enoch many, many times and so does the Old Testament do so, why was it not put in the canon?

    When you get your hands on a copy you will see why.
    Much more about the outer world will be revealed to us, this will possibly change how you were taught for it will test all you have learned and you will see that there was a great deception fed to us and the one behind it “the Evil one” is so pleased to have Worship diverted from the Truth to a Lie.
    After all that’s His job.
    To keep all He can from the Truth.

    As you have read, there is much punishment to come for our past and present Kings, Mighty, Exalted and they who possess the earth.

    You should Praise Yahuah our El Shaddi that you are not one of these and if you are,

    REPENT NOW!:judges:

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    Re: You gotta read Enoch

    I can make anything mean almost anything I want it to when I use ( )

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    that is it

    Well,from this post,we could see what happened.Thanks for share!

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    Re: You gotta read Enoch

    Enoch, Daniel and Rev. all point to the END of Days to come.

    Look around you and see that deception of the Rich has ended.
    That we are entering a whole New World of strife and this is just the beginning of Days of Sorrows.

    The Horse Man of Death is a Financial Death that does threaten the whole fabric of this World created by greed and corruption through the Worship of Gold and not worship of Yah.

    Glory to Yah in the Highest, come Yahusha my ha adon.

    Repent should be our mantra.

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