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    I love these people, so GOD-DAMN FUNNY!!!

    The true christians of the westbro baptist church!!!

    What a bunch of peace loving (muleasslovingretards.com)
    True children of christ our
    cheese sandwich!!!

    Well say what ever you want because george has had his own second coming (george the messire the 3ed) and has decided to reply to fred with love and kindness and show him the error of his ways!!


    King george in his infinate godly wisdom has desided to pardon all global warming bullshiters, the 911 commisioners, the CIA, the FBI the american and british governments........... but the Westbro baptits TITS TITS ..... NO PARDON THEY ARE HEREBY CONDEMED TO BE SUROUNDED BY BLACK GAY MEN WITH 12" ETERNALLY HARD MEMBERS FOR ALL ETERNITY!!! AND MAY YOUR METRIC MILES NEVER KNOW ANY PEACE TILL THE END OF TIME!!!

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    Re: I love these people, so GOD-DAMN FUNNY!!!

    The worst thing about these extremist dirtbags is that they subject their own children to their fundamentalist zealot backwash.

    If there was such a thing as Hell, Fred Phelps would certainly burn there.

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    Re: I love these people, so GOD-DAMN FUNNY!!!

    Phelps is nothing more than attention whore. He's a failed lawyer who sought to gain publicity that way...and so he's gone "full retard". By doing this, he generates his own publicity and falsely elevates his importances. Truth is, he is an insignificant voice in America.

    "full retard"

    "Religion is a heavy suitcase: all you have to do is put it down."
    "I have read the bible...more than once. I was not impressed nor was I so moved to give up my ability to think for myself and surrender my knowledge of facts for the unfounded belief in a mythical sky-fairy." - Me.

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