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    California Super Storm: Fact or Fiction?

    I've beaten Jesse Ventura and his paid on line super best friend, "$ick3nin.vend3tta", to the punch with this topic.


    A new report about a so-called superstorm that could devastate California in the future is getting a lot of attention in the meteorological blogosphere.

    The premise of the report, which was released last week, says a superstorm could develop that could last more than a month and dump up to 10 feet of rain on the state!

    A group of 117 scientists, engineers, lifeline operators, emergency planners and insurance experts worked for two years on the report. They used computer models analyzing the impacts of two storms that soaked California in 1969 and 1986.

    The Weather Channel's Severe Weather Expert Dr. Greg Forbes (Find him on Facebook) weighed in on the report.

    "I certainly agree with the sense that California could get a storm worse than what we’ve seen in our limited period of record, but the 125-mph wind speed would likely not affect a very large area and the rainfall amounts seem too extreme," says Dr. Forbes.

    Example of an "atmospheric river"
    (Courtesy: AP/National Weather Service)

    Scientists say the so-called superstorm would be fed by an "atmospheric river," which is essentially a huge hose-like flow of moisture from the Pacific Ocean into California.

    Dr. Forbes points out that this report portrays a worst-case scenario. He says this realistically could happen once or twice a millenia. The Weather Channel did an episode of "It could Happen Tomorrow," that focused on a storm that could overwhelm the levees in the Sacramento Valley and again turn the area into an inland sea, as a storm did in 1861-1862.


    Thank god, Greg Forbes is on FACEBOOK!
    "I tried being reasonable -- I didn't like it."

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    Re: California Super Storm: Fact or Fiction?

    I'm a massive fan of California so I certainly hope not.

    We know there is a Gulf Coast “Depopulation” program in place at a cost of $40b to have people rehoused & moved out, but I wouldn't have thought a program of the same applies to Cali.

    Many conspirators believe Katrina, Ike, BP oil spill etc were man-made just to get that whole Gulf Coast program kick started.

    Whether there is any truth in that?.

    Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura, Season 2, Episode 7 (BP OIL SPILL) - FULL LENGTH.

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    Re: California Super Storm: Fact or Fiction?

    Thank God I don't live near the SJV.Ocean front property in Bakers-tuckey, who'd a thunk??

    Kooks, what a crack up.
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