I just signed up to receive my free membership package for $3.91 to start processing HUD refunds from home. This company did offer me to speak to someone live, which I did and they offer you to try out their software called smart tools to help you speed up the process of filling out the person's information. You get to try out the software for free for 15 days and if you are satisfied you can cancel the membership, but you can keep processing refund. You can purchase your states refund list for 35 or 40 dollars, but the software gives you unlimited access to all 50 states and updates to list every month and you would have to pay 40 dollars every month to keep using the software. I feel good about this opportunity, because they did not ask for any money to start the program. The software is optional. I will keep everyone posted about this opportunity to let everyone know if it's a go!yb: