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    Please guide me.

    Hello everyone!

    I received a mail, This mail is from imerchant.com and description is

    iMerchant will convert a large portion of customers who had not planned to purchase from your site.
    By bundling your product or service with other companies, and supplying it for FREE, you will entice a much
    higher percentage of browsers to convert, adding instant and monthly income. GET PAID by giving your product
    or service away for FREE! Convert browsers into BUYERS by offering your product or service for free and get PAID!

    Increase conversion rates by giving your product or service away for FREE. Increase conversion rates by
    offering incentives to your customers IF they have an iMerchant membership. Give your product away for FREE
    if they have an iMerchant CERTIFICATE NUMBER and GET PAID! Offer a discount to you product when an iMerchant
    membership is purchased and GET PAID!

    Now can any one guide me this site is scam or not? because i want to publish my product on this site.



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    Re: Please guide me.

    hey you can put your product there is not scam site, i am also doing work with this site.

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    Re: Please guide me.

    ...says the honest guy in his very first post....

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    Re: Please guide me.

    Thanks for giving me your opinion

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