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    The Internet Becomes Para-Sentient to Reveal 911 Truth!

    The most unbelievable story of the year!

    But you will have to believe it!


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    Re: The Internet Becomes Para-Sentient to Reveal 911 Truth!

    I saved a notepad file using the random letters and letters of the alphabet, in the form zzzz zzz zzzz zzzzz, four letters, space, three letters, space, three letters, space, five letters. You close it and then reopen it. Nine zeros appear. I copied those zeros and pasted them into the translator. Hereís the translator I used:


    The zeros appear in the translator as Chinese characters. I translate those characters and up pops a bunch of words, I wrote the words down and looked at them.

    When the words come out:

    z - Air; sky; empty; air force; in vain, air defense, low altitude, anti-aircraft defense.

    y - A sacrifice at the beginning of a military campaign, cult. Manifest.

    x - Rocky hill.

    w - Eye; look, see; wide open eyes; to gaze in astonishment, blind; unperceptive, shortsighted, straight, erect, vertical, close eyes, sleep; hibernate, hypnotism; mesmerism, people, subjects, citizens.

    v - Fatigued, head sores, chronic disease, chronic illness; sorrow. Legs.

    u - Field.

    t - Twin gems.

    s - Commit crime, violate; criminal.

    q - Fire, flame, burn, anger, rage, ashes, dust, lime, to roast, spirit, soul, spiritual world. Sacrificial animal.

    p - Small river, gray ash, dust, engineer, physicist, head covered in dust.

    I say that's a pretty amazing coincidence to 911.

    I didnít create this, Iím only pointing it out.

    I think itís weird.

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    Re: The Internet Becomes Para-Sentient to Reveal 911 Truth!

    just for US newbies...........could you DEFINE what's WEIRD about it!?dont wanna miss the boat of my dreams ya understand!?hehe!!just askin............

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