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    Article Marketer

    I have tried the internet business thing about a year or so ago, but am thinking about giving it a try. I have been using blogs, forums, articles, and so forth.
    I am still sceptical about article marketing. I never really got many visitors after posting about 80 articles.
    I am thinking about using article marketer, but am not sure if it is totally legit. I have tried to find anyone on the internet to give a good honest opinion on the company, but all I get are affiliates telling me about the company and I don't really trust their remarks.
    Can anyone give me recommendations on the company at articlemarketer.com? Is it a scam or legit?


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    Re: Article Marketer

    My advise is if you are not feeling comfortable with any company then go with individual. There are many places out there from which you can find somebody. places like odesk,rentacoder,elance,getafreelancer etc. you can find individual and company as well.

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