The biggest , nastiest scam on planet Earth is the perversion of Christianity, capitalism, and democracy, by Doug Coe and the Family, fronted in US politics since the Eisenhower era by the National Prayer Breakfast of Billy Graham and its subsidiary senatorial , international, and commerce prayer breakfasts. These are no less than financial/political/military conspiracies, with the cover of religion, and they control our society and our world. This is the dreaded "military-industrial complex" that the conservative Eisenhower warned of. To prove its own existence, they had already made him redact it from "military-congressional-industrial complex" before the speech was even delivered. Nobody heeded it anyway. They papered it over with phony sanctimonious religion, via Billy Graham and Doug Coe, and the National Prayer Breakfast, where fascists brunch. My Search function on this site does not work, but I find no discussion of this decades old, institutionalized, brutally murderous theo/fascist conspiracy to dominate the world with total authoritarianism, anywhere to be found here. If I have missed it, please direct me. If it is not here, anyone else care to keep the ball rolling, now that I have broached the subject ? This is the religion of " the rich have the god-given right to eat you for lunch, because they can." They claim the privilege of elite power, and the righteousness of religion, but have the fascist gall to openly admire and espouse the commitment and "covenant" of the inner circles of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao's Red Army as they made recruits show their devotion to the cause by killing their own parents. These are authoritarian fascist monsters, and they are winning. It is the predominant trend of American law, politics, and morality. Scam?