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    Acn Scam Lets Try To Get Our Money Back

    It appears that there is a lot of people out here that has lost money iin acn....I say lets all get together and contact the attorney generals office and at least give it a try....anyone interested in trying... please email me and we will come up wiith a plan...if they are making all the money they say they are they shoulnt mind giving our little bit of money back....contact me at denbeck2@yahoo.com

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    Re: Acn Scam Lets Try To Get Our Money Back

    Denbeck- May I ask why your requesting money back from a Company that offered you an Opportunity?
    Last time I checked there is not a Business in this world that if YOU FAIL you are allowed to get a Refund.

    Why not ask yourself this. Why did you Fail?
    Lack of Business Knowledge, experience?
    Lack of Discipline?
    Refused to Follow a System, Do the Training, or give it any time.
    Dude down the Street that owns a Subway works 80-100 hrs a week for $200.00-300.00 a week if lucky for the 1st 3-5yrs Just to TRY and Make it. It is NOT Guaranteed.
    You give ACN none of your time, you don't do ANY of the training's and you refuse to follow the System more than likely and you blame THEM?
    Have you done a Single 3 way call with your upline? Probally Not.
    Mr. I will do it by myself fails and blames the company.
    Typical 97% thinking. Sad but True.

    The Business Model is Proven and it does work IFFFFFFF you work it correctly.
    Did you follow the System? Did you ever do ANY of the training?
    What would I suggest? Turn off your site but stay in.
    Read a Book called THINK AND GROW RICH , Heck read it 2-3 times, so you can see the 97% system you live in is actually the Broken one.
    Then if you feel it's for you great, if not then move on with the Education recieved.
    Last time I checked Education is usually not FREE and can get Very Expensive.
    Im sorry that your 97% thinking gets you this Result. Kinda Sad actually.

    You tried something and it didnt work. Thats business. Most people fail 2-3 times before ever making it. Even in Traditional Business.

    Why not take Ownership for your failing in life instead of trying this BOGUS way of trying to start something against ACN.

    P.S. I am not in ACN, I never was and never will be. The company sends out Checks to people that do the WORK.
    It's called Net -"WORKING" for a Reason.

    P.S.S. I know alot of people that have lost MONEY in Business, Franchise's and More. It doesn't mean they run to someone ELSE for THEIR failure's as you are attempting to do. ACN if I remeber right gives you 30 days or so for a Refund. IF I remeber right I said.
    The Question to ask again is WHY did you fail? Look in the Mirror to find your answer.

    I wish you the Best in Future endevours but please don't blame OTHERS for your Failures.
    Remeber the Book "Think and Grow Rich". It will change your Life or at least your Thinking.

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