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    The National Benefit Authority

    Anyone ever heard about " The National Benefit Authority " They claim i can get something from the government for my condition of Angina. Some kind of benefit.

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    Re: The National Benefit Authority

    I too just found out about the National Benefit Authority and the list of medical grants they claim they can help you get are endless!!! Seems too good to be true but I don't know. I do have medical issues but I want to know if this company truly does what it says it will do and that these Canadian gov grants are possible...and real????
    Did they mention to you any fees? I haven't actually called them as I have been wary of it. any input would be great!

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    Re: The National Benefit Authority


    Agency charged woman $10,000 for tax claim she could have filed for free

    Keefe didnít realize H&R Block offers the same service for just $27 for every year reviewed.

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