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    Vipul Agarwal

    Beware Of Fraud Person " Vipul Agarwal"

    Name - Vipul Agarwal

    Address - 36 canal road surabhi enclave , Dehradun India

    Fraud Company- Verve Eon international

    Mobile numbers for calls
    – 0091-9997768666, 9997 222211

    Email IDs used for fraud

    [email protected]
    [email protected],
    [email protected],
    [email protected]

    Act - Stealing confidential information and password , hacking emails ,forgery all as part of cyber crime .

    Charges/ Crime -

    U/S 420 , 467 , 468 ,471 Of Indian Penal Code and U/S 66/72 of Information Technology act Registered as crime no.16 0f 2009 before Police Station Dehradun India on 10 FEb 2009

    Investigations are going on at the cyber cell Dehradun, India .

    Beware of this person. He will offer low prices on items or offer free gifts . All this is to just grab money .

    Incase you recieve any emails from him you must report as cyber crime .
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    Paid Surveys at home! Is is safe or Scam?

    Recently i have visited many surveys site so that i can start working at home and earn some money.. but my friends told me that most of them are scams and just wasted peoples times..
    i visited Paid Surveys at home they are giving so many good surveys but they are asking me to fill sign up in 39$.. i am ready to do that but please if any body visited this site do tell me that is it safe and they get better result from that as wellyb:
    Or its just another time wasted survey site with zero profit :judges:..
    i will be waiting for your precious comments so that i can earn some useful money...
    here is the original message from the site
    These days, people are looking for some of the most effective ways to make quick and solid income online. It’s the online world that too seems to be more responsive in this regard and offering people more and more lucrative opportunities to make money online. If you are also looking for the same sort of response form the online world, then its time to opt for the paid surveys at home review. This has managed to develop like a sheer trend, which is offering enough benefits for people across the globe. Well, you cannot take it as a regular income source or you may not take it as a constant income source, but certainly paid surveys are becoming the most effective method for people who want to make some genuine income for their account and at the same time they want to draw an additional income source that will offer a strong back up for their financial planning:rryumy: If you want to grab such opportunity with full hand, then its time to opt for the online world and start looking for the paid surveys at home reviews. These paid surveys at home reviews are the best methods to draw more idea about how the whole system use to work and how people can make more money through it. When you want to attend paid surveys right at the comfort of your home you need to have certain things ready beforehand. First of all you need to have a PC that is connected to the Internet. There is always an age limit for the people who want to join such programs. If you are aging 18 or more than that, then you will draw the eligibility to join these paid surveys. In order to perform better in this field and to make more money online, you need to know the procedures that are essential for this sort of business.

    But there are also few things which people may question for before they join paid surveys to perform the task at home. These people often use to ask that how does the paid surveys online use to work in reality? If you will look from the global perspective, then you can find the system formed for door-to-door survey has been ceased of to a great extent. Now it’s the format for taking online surveys that have managed to develop as a great trend among companies, government sectors and different business processes. Paid surveys at home reviews are gradually becoming a fast, responsive and effective method to collect several opinions about different products and services.:angel:
    Now this has been termed as a big business on the Internet as thousands of surveys have been announced on the Internet on a regular basis. Large companies seems to be more inclined about taking their consumer’s view about the offering of different services and products. Due to such reason big companies are even hiring market researchers to find out the genuine responses from the customers. Such approach from the big companies is exactly offering a great chance for the announcement of paid surveys online.

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    5 and DirectI SCAM! and is Scam.
    Reseller and DirectI Is Full Scam.Beware From Reseller Club And DirtectI.
    Your Username and Password is as below.
    User Name: [email protected]
    Password: mgafQQupoR
    You can login to Online Support Interface using below link
    142740 please need support archive
    142902 please need support for Unlock this Domain archive
    Stupid ResellerClub Suspend My Reseller Account also.
    Need Proof Go Here
    Now where My Domain! OMG!!! They steal my domain and Then Sell other.Beware From Reseller Club and DirectI.
    Now Look Whois They sell My Domain
    If any Q Please mail Me [email protected] and I can send many Proof Voice Recode From Phone call.
    I say again DirectI scam.
    Beware from Resellerclub RC and can loose your domain anytime.Use they are fine also you can try Enom or
    beware from resellerclub and DirectI

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    Executive Janitorial terrible cleaning services

    Executive Janitorial is a nothing but a lousy low balling janitorial cleaning services company in San Luis Obispo scamming their customers and new customers with this scam we’ve the best cleaning in town, total hock of garage. All they do is they low ball all the competition by bidding so low impossible to profit when already their employees are questionable on poor low wages as they say they hire people with I9 visa’s but really why do they hire a majority of women from Mexico(many with poor English speaking skills)? I mean are these the only kind of women will do this kind or work for these kind of wages or work where they can’t get caught by US Immigrations Customs Enforcement?

    Why do they not hire normal Caucasian people or a mixture of people than one culture? Really why would they hire only Hispanic employees because the owners are not Hispanic they are Caucasian? This is the kind of work that Americans will do as janitorial is not like picking fruits & vegetables. Yet hiring only people with I9 visa’s when if you have a legal US I9 visa you can get a better paying job elsewhere as Executive Janitorial pays the lowest wages in town and no health insurance why work for them. Which means if companies don’t pay health insurance employees won’t make enough to get insurance on their own then they’re going to use the free health care social system with no insurance at all and make taxpayers pay their health care because they bid so low. Which means taxpayers have to support these scam janitorial companies like this to be in business because they do not provide health insurance to their employees which is a burden to society. All Executive Janitorial wants is to think about using their employees to work for lousy wages to get work by fooling customers their work is the best when it is not. They are using cheap dishonest labor to do their work for them to fool people about their cleaning as their cleaning is completely crap.

    Take a look at their work it is horribly bad, talk about crappy cleaning to see their work and especially in a recession economy as more people are giving this company business and they say nothing even if the customer has some suspicion their employees may or may not be legal to work in this country they hire them anyways because they are so cheap why say no to cheap questionable janitorial cleaning as the US Customs Enforcement is so tabbed out to deport illegal immigrant janitorial people in this country. When you see how bad their office accounts look how they clean for their current customers it is a complete joke. It is just crap janitorial cleaning but with the work so cheap they really only do the work so quickly versing their competition trying to say that even more expensive janitorial companies misleading them saying they can do better than them is the biggest crap about Executive Janitorial. They say in their commercials no job is too big or too small they will take on but they take on too much work forgetting the customers they already have a responsibly to keep up the cleaning for their current customers as people fire them because they cannot kept up with the current work. When you have over 30 vehicles and over 400 cleaning customer clients and 60 employees with work that pays hardly anything to their labor because they bid so low their work reflects that poor quality, horrible cleaning.

    If you see their work it looks like their employee’s clean bathrooms so fast it looks like they are cleaned with broomsticks instead of mops (as the grout between the tiles is so pot black from dirty mops over and over again) and carpets full of spots, staples left on them and more. You see urine in men’s bathrooms allover the urinal stools because they don’t wipe bathroom walls enough and finger prints and bathroom door knobs as they don’t look sensitized which between the dirty floors and un-sanitized bathrooms you can imagine the germs roaming all through the office with customers walking on urine infested bathroom floors going through the whole office on to the carpets caked with germs because they clean the bathrooms horribly. To say they use Spartan Clean by Proxy they use for green cleaning, maybe green but it doesn’t mean it sanitizes everything, it is a concentrate that is a limited cleaner but it is not the only thing to use on everything especially for germs. The fact is not all green products are strong enough versing industrial strength chemical products even though Proxy is an industrial product it is really just hydrogen peroxide nothing more. You cannot use it on desks, doors, restroom floor or kitchens completely to kill all germs even in its concentrate formula as products need amounts of time to be on the surface to kill germs before wiping off the solution away but the way Executive Janitorial cleans they are not applying enough effort to clean their customers offices they we they look. Imagine using one rag to clean from toilet to the sinks after and do the next bathrooms and then using the same rag on desks and more, think that sounds dirty well that’s common for people to do that. Quality companies use one form stages, paper instead of reused rags you clean one thing and throw it out; it is a big difference in killing germs but cleaning companies that bid so low will cut all corners they can after hours even using one rag through entire office and dollar store products that don’t clean well.

    Then to say they only use triple HEPA filters well how can they afford it, HEPA filters have to be changed every 3 to 4 months and they cost over $35 to $55 a piece as after 3 to 4 months HEPA filters are worthless as they are not reusable and HEPA filter decrease the suction and worse when they are not charged regularly. All they use is these so called Pro team backpack vacuums, they are worthless for serious corning vacuum as they are impossible to get on your hands and knees under desks and etc. These vacuums have no rollerblades that are needed to pick up serious dirt as only using backpack canister vacuums does not get everything up but hey that’s all they use. Which upright vacuums on the job they still have there place to pickup dirt in the cleaning industry where backpack canister vacuums can’t do everything; they are all about the quick cutting corners cleaning which is all Executive Janitorial does it half assed work.

    The cleaning industry has become heavily Hispanic over the last 12 to 15 years because of the growth of illegal immigration coming into the United States illegally daily and as the demand for cheap labor which janitorial companies continue hire illegal aliens because these companies are unsupervised by US Customs Enforcement or even their own customers as this is a mostly after hours in secret business as these companies continue to grow so is the demand for low balling cheap labor janitorial companies throughout California; which is throwing out the rate of inflation on cleaning companies but to deflation because of the competition keeps getting cheaper and cheaper where customers are seeing prices going down and down thinking they can push cheaper cleaning companies over each other. US ICE or US Customs Enforcement has admitted in 2010 that of the entire illegal immigrant population in the United States 17% to 20% are in the cleaning industry so in California there is much as 500,000 illegal immigrants working for janitorial companies to carpet cleaning companies to housecleaning companies and many illegal run and mom & pop cleaning companies allover *****s List because in California those illegal immigrants spread to every town and city able to find every work in janitorial cleaning companies because they need the cheap labor to compete against honest legal janitorial companies that charge more because they are legally in business paying their dues, higher wages, taxes and etc. sad thing is you can be an illegal immigrant and start your own business, just use an fake photo id card or any photo id then head to city hall to pay for your business license then you get you carbon form to give to the bank which banks don’t always need id either to open a business account and newspapers run their fictitious business ads for them, no problem their in business. See the corruption?

    Even if they may or not have questionable immigrants working for Executive Janitorial their work does not reflect quality at all, even new buildings are no excuse to look clean it is the point of the quality and they are lying to their customers and competition they can do all this which they can’t because they cannot afford to spend time on work they have bid so low to do. The average time to clean is about 4000 sq ft per hour per person, better is 2500 or less per hour but what happens when low balling companies bid to see they are going to do all this work but they clean 8000 sq ft or 10,000 an hour per employee unless the office empty which is not the case. The faster you clean lying to your customers is hour they profit with the low low wages they pay to the employees.

    Executive Janitorial is serving in San Luis Obispo all the way through Santa Maria with this cheap horrible cleaning business trying to kill the industry that was once an honest business to be in they are making it look bad as it gets, corrupted cleaning companies.

    I would never hire this company because as much as they get work they also lose a lot of their work at the same time as their record of complaints is on going to see people complaining about them all the time. If they employees are legal then see every one of there papers then and send those immigration papers to US Immigrations to verify they are legal as I9’s are a lot of times counterfeit since getting an I9 visa are expensive they often expire making people get counterfeit visa’s. Customers caution and do always hire the cheapest cleaning companies as there is just too much corruption in the cleaning industry until Congress does something to stop these illegal run companies.
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    Vision Capital-Scam?

    A friend of mine was recently approached by a man in her neighboorhood who says he has a lot of money and needs a tax write off. He told her that he wants to gift her by remodeling her house, building a new building where her current business is located and wants to help her expand by purchasing 1/2 of the block in her neighboorhood. My gut tells me this is REALLY wrong, but I need some proof to take to her. I have limited information on this man. His name is Larry Patterson and when asked about who is writing the checks for this GIFT, he says he is using a company called Vision Capitol Group. She has not signed anything yet, but he has asked her to get quotes from several different contractors. I'm not really sure what to do to help her. Has anyone else been scammed by this approach?

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    M & I Bank Scam

    OCTOBER 03, 2010

    We moved to Phoenix Arizona in 2005 from San Diego where we lived for over 22 years. We have been in this country since 1978 and have worked very hard and our biggest achievement has been to buy our own business, a Shell Gas Station/Carwash

    In December 2007, our Shell gas station (75Ave & Thomas Phoenix AZ) was refinanced by M & I Bank. We had met a business banker through our CPA who said he could get us a good loan at a low interest rate. We were ushered in for a 15minutes presentation and recommended a Swap Loan. At the signing of this loan an amortization schedule was given to us which showed how the payments would apply to the interest and principal.

    There are two parts to a Swap Loan which I have come to understand now. The swap part would be removed automatic funds from our checking account which was also with M & I Bank. This was a fraudulent loan and according to M & I was not inputted incorrectly with higher interest rate, less principal, sometimes the payments were as high as $21,000. There were to be equal amount of $16k payments every month. The business banker had also opened a line of credit for us and failed to mention that it was only for a year. The line of credit was used by MI Bank to cover their swap.

    From mid 2008, due to unequal payments of the loan and the swap hitting our business checking account which amounted anywhere from $3000 to $6500 and separate loan payments, high fees amounting from $6 to $3500.00 the account was beginning to suffer due to this huge burden. Every morning a business banker, Mr. Jim Laine would inform us to cover the overdrafts. He had an understanding with us that he would look after the account personally.

    I approached Mr. Jim Laine and asked him to please look at our accounts and to put a hold on the automatic removal of the swap but he refused and gave us a number of approx. $28,000 as penalty for cancelling the swap (later M & I sold the swap and charged us $145,000 in penalty). We approached him again and said that he should check the Swap note as it seems that something is wrong with it. Attached is an email in which he accepts that the loan is inputted incorrectly.

    I approached him that we are incurring so many fees and our deposits were being made everyday at the time he calls that same morning and immediately
    refund the fees and give us a new note. Instead, Mr. Jim Laine and Mr. Ed Hines (his boss) in December 2008 wanted us to sign a Bridge loan(temporary) for $65, 000, the excuse was it was the end of the year and they wanted to clear their books. At this meeting, this loan was verbally promised by both of them that the fees of $30,000 would be refunded and our loan would be brought up to date and our business account would be cleared by March 30 2009.

    In March 2009, the bridge loan expired and nothing was credited to our account. Once again I approached Mr. Jim Laine that we need to refund fees and over payments and I want to cover the overdrafts with the refunded fees. To my surprise he informed me that no such promise was ever made to us and that he did not recall the conversation. At this point, I asked him if he was going to correct the note, he informed me that it was out of his hands and he was no longer our business banker. I was then introduced to Mr. Eric Anderes from their head office in Phoenix. I explained to him that all the overdrafts and extra payments (loan) were incurred every day and he needed to correct these problems. Mr. Eric Anderes refused to continue communication with us. We then approached an attorney friend and asked him to study our loan and have it corrected by M & I bank. Mr. Eric Anders sent forbearance to him which had wrong amounts as credits (THE FORBEARANCE ACCEPTED THAT THE LOAN WAS INPUTTED INCORRECTLY). Our attorney friend informed us that we should approach Mr. Eric Anderes directly to correct these numbers but it was too late.


    Approaching Mr. Eric Anderes was not an easy task. He was angry, obnoxious and rude. His demeanor was intimidating and scary. He informed us that if we do not sign a new forbearance with $146,000 SWAPCANCELLATION FEE and no refund of the PREVIOUS fees (30,000) added $10,000 of fees, $54,000(DO NOT KNOW AS WE HAD NO ACCOUNT WITH MI BANK), NO CORRECTION OF THE FAULTY NOTE. HE WAS NOW TRYING TO HURT US WITH THE INTENT OF COLLAPSING OUR BUSINESS. IT WAS VERY OBVIOUS THAT

    This forbearance had another clause that if we were to pay our property taxes by February 2010, he would cancel the trustee sale. We paid our taxes and requested him to remove us out of the trustee sale.

    At this point he told me (after cancelling the trustee deed sale) that M & I Bank wanted to sever their relationship with us and that we should quickly refinance our business or sell it in 3 months.

    We approached Wells Fargo Bank who agreed to refinance us and we have proof of communication via email and phone between the two banks. Mr. Eric Anderes was delighted at the quick progress of Wells Fargo Bank.

    We informed Mr. Eric Anderes; our neighbor TRADECOR owned properties on both sides was interested in our property and was offering $1.2million. Mr. Perry Mann (Tradecor) threatened us that he will find a way to purchase our property at $1.25M as He WANTED TO DEMOLISH THE GAS STATION AND BUILD THREE RESTAURANTS.

    Our property and business had an appraisal 2 years back for $4.2M and, we were very interested in refinancing (as per Eric Anders’s order) and not loose our business as this is our only livelihood of 4 family members. We had put in lot of hard work for 5years and informed Mr. Eric Anderes that we were trying everything in our power to refinance the station and not interested in selling to a commercial developer for 1.2Million.

    To our surprise Mr. Eric Anderes sent us via email another forbearance which stated that WE HAD ONLY 3 MONTHS TO REFINANCE AND AN UNBELIEVABLE CLAUSE THAT THE BANK COULD DO WHATEVER THEY FELT FIT WITH OUR PROPERTY. We pleaded with him that our refinancing was almost done and to be patient and let it go through.

    To kill the deal, Mr. Eric Anders sent a $2.2m payoff statement to Wells Fargo Bank knowing very well that the SBA 7A loan which Well Fargo was working on was at $2 M. He purposely killed the financing with Wells Fargo bank. Mr. Eric Anderes then sold our note at $1.25 million to Mr. Perry Mann of Tradecor in April 2010. Once again, our business was in trust deed sale.

    M & I Bank has done great injustice to us. Mr. Eric telephonically informed us that the offer was too low and we should continue our refinancing with Wells Fargo. They stopped our refinancing from going through and sold the note at a deep discount to Mr. Perry Mann.

    The question is why he did not discount the note for us? This was discrimination on the part of Mr. Anderes or did Mr. Eric Anders accept bribe???

    We then tried to work with Mr. Perry Mann owner of TRADECOR but he refuses to take any offers. We had our refinancing in place but he refused to give us any payoff numbers. Our mortgage broker and lawyer spoke to him everyday until one day before the filing for chapter 11(bankruptcy filed to stop trust deed) but he would not cooperate with us. Mr. Perry Mann has filed a personal lawsuit against us too claiming the late fees($150,000) and false amounts on the forbearance's which Mr.Anderes would forcibly make us sign under duress. Mr. Perry Mann has already approached commercial brokers who are trying to sell the property we still own.

    We would like to refinance and stop Tradecor from putting us on the streets. We have no other income or means of getting employment. My husband is 63 years old and I am 55 years of age. We have 2 sons 18 and 25 who work with us full time. We would like the opportunity to continue our business and not be taken advantage by hungry greedy individuals like Mr. Perry Mann. Mr. Perry Mann along with Mr. Eric Anderes cooperation is putting good people out of their livelihood.

    In trying to resolve our problems with M & I Bank, Mr. Eric Anderes chose to sever his bank’s relationship with us by putting us on the streets.

    This is what happens when a small business approaches a big bank to correct their mistakes and refund thousands of dollars of excess fees in a depressing economy. They put you in foreclosure, and also sell your note at a discount
    for their own revenge or accept bribes.

    Tradecor has tried every way to extort money from us. The original note was never corrected by M & I Bank.

    Adding to our distress, couple of days before the creditors meeting in the bankruptcy court, my husband Haresh was severely beaten by a gang outside our store and threatened him to leave this location or there will be more beatings.

    I still had courage to take my husband in a wheelchair to attend the creditors meeting in the bankruptcy court. This meeting was very humiliating for us when Tradecor’s attorney in a discriminatory tone asked us my husband and I could read and speak English.

    The question is who is responsible for pushing us out of our location as it is very prime land?

    Please help us and investigate this conspiracy. We have invested our life savings in buying this business and due to no fault of ours we are being thrown on the streets. We are receiving threatening & abusing phone calls from “unknown” telephone numbers, to vacate this property. We also getting calls from a commercial broker by the name of Jeff Pavone asking us to hand over our business to Mr. Perry Mann (owner of TradeCor Desert Sky II) My husband has almost no vision from his right eye after the beating, but we will continue to fight this battle until our last breath. I have also attached the pictures of my 63years husband after the beatings.

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    Please I want A Review On This

    Please i will like personal reviews on this site to know if it is a scam or not,i have checked them out on rippoff only one complainant.Their website looks awful but they caught my attention because of what they are offering so please your personal reviews will help me in my decision either to join this company or not.

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    American Express Publishing

    A year ago, AMEX Publishing offered me a free diary and datebook. What was not very clear was that they would send more in the future and bill me. I received the books this year in a package without any invoice and wasn't aware that they had charged me over $50 until I received my AMEX statement. I called AMEX Publishing and they said that they wouldn't refund me the money but would send a $25 gift card. After I told them that I thought this was a scam and was about to close my AMEX account, they told me that they would credit the charge. There's much in the mail from AMEX Publishing now that is identical to the old Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes offers. I'd deal very carefully with any offers from American Express Publishing.

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    South Coast Circulation

    Listen folks, anyone who has heard of this company should reply to this post. It seems like they're lots of people out there who have been scammed by these con artists.

    Here's the way they operate. They send a bunch of young people (high schoolers or college students) around the neighborhood knocking on doors. They ask people to help them out to win a contest under the guise that they are from the local school or college in the area. The more points you sign up for, the better their chance of winning their contest. But, in order for this to work, they need your payment information either by cash or check. Once they have that, they give or don't give you a receipt with the name: South Coast Circulation Inc. Lots of people have fallen for this and lost a lot of money.

    The reason why I'm posting is because I almost got scammed by these people. Fortunately, I'm a business major and I picked up on these tricky sales techniques. The people they send are either high school dropout or criminals looking to invade your home. Fortunately, I threw the mothering pothead out of my house and made it a mission to help people know the truth about these fraudsters. If you ever come across these folks, ban them from the house or call the cops. They're not licensed to do this at all.

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    BMV - Philadelphia

    Applied for job from them (I think) as a "content specialist." Got mechanized return email telling me to go to their site where I chose "words" best suited to my personality. THEN, the request for credit info from I smelled a rat. Researched their address 3810 N Broad Street which I know is outside of town and the "address" is assessed at only $250,000 and it's listed as "vacant land!" No other info on BMV staffing of significance. With this said, I said goodbye:judges: to and encourage you not even to say hello.

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    Rhino Associates Wayne, MI

    Has anyone ever worked for this company? Basically they sell Kirby vacuums.

    I went into the start of a three day training period today and while it did seem somewhat promising, it also felt a little overwhelming. The girl who did the training (Della) was very nice and seemed managed to know all of our names right off the bat.

    I think I might be in over my head but I'm willing to at least try even though I'm not really a salesperson. I just don't want to waste my time. They said you'll get paid $400 per week whether you sell anything or not but I'm still kinda skeptical.

    I've heard that a lot of people have had negative experiences with similar companies and I don't want to go through the same thing.

    Any thoughts from previous employees of this company or those who may know someone who is or pretty much anyone with any advice for me.

    On one hand, I don't want to waste my time but at the same time I don't want to give up at the slightest sign of a challenge. I've done that far too much in the past and have nothing to show for it.

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    Tech Gold Plus, LLC

    Has anybody had any dealings with Tech Gold Plus, LLC?

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    Compellent Scam

    What a bad acquisition... Purchase a company that is full of bad management, terrible business practices, and a truck full of employees that are only getting by with their GED and sexual harrassment.

    Too bad.

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    American Express and their Expiring Gift Cards

    I wanted to pass along my experience with American Express both in the hopes that others will not have the same problem I have had, and that current AmEx customers will be informed of the type of company they are doing business with.

    I was issued a $150.00 American Express Prepaid Gift card from my company in March of 2010. I proceeded to put it in my wallet and wait to spend it on something fun sometime later in the year. I was in no particular rush to use the card as under the Credit CARD Act of 2009 gift cards must have at least a 5 year expiration date; and in my state, Minnesota, gift cards may not have expiration dates at all.

    Last Friday, approximately seven months from the date I was issued the card, I found the perfect item. When I attempted to pay for it with my gift card I was informed that it had expired. Upon arriving at home and calling American Express I was told that it had in fact expired, there was no way to replace the card, and the $150 on the card was forfeit. I next contacted my HR department and found that they were also unable to reissue the card, and that in fact our company had been charged the $150 for the card (it did not go back into a pool to be re-used).

    I next did a bit of research into Minnesota law and the new CARD act. Got all the information regarding when cards can expire, etc and again called American Express. This time they assured me they have looked into the issue of gift card rules very closely and to circumvent these rules they specifically issue “rewards” cards. It seems rewards cards are not covered by the same rules as every other gift card out there and they are thus able to issue the cards with expiration dates, and upon reaching the expiration date they are legally able to basically steal your money.

    I informed the call center representative that a program specifically set up to circumvent rules in order to essentially steal money from unsuspecting customer's was disreputable and unconscionable and that I would immediately ensure that all American Express cards in my family were canceled. I am personally unwilling to patronize a company that has this type of practice. I invite you to do the same. If companies find it costs them more in customer loyalty than they make on this type of behavior maybe it will curb these types of scams in the future.

    As some amount of condolence I have learned that my company has dropped this American Express scam with the end of 2011 and will be using a new form of rewards in 2011 – without expiration dates.

    I would love to hear you experiences with American Express. Thanks!

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    Shanghai bailion Chemicals Company LIMITED

    Dear reader

    we had Purchased melamine from Shanghai bailion Chemicals Co LTD as they said us that they are the manufacturer of melamine and other Organic Chemicals.

    we have Purchased from them about 60 tons total Cost is USD 80,100/-but they had did scam with us and shipped to us Sodium carbonate Insted of what we agreed with them.

    We really want to inform you that this company use diffrent names to deal with the diffrent customer and they donot have any manufacturing plant. I had visited them and their was only 1 person in the Office with 20 computer which they use for diffrent companies.

    Please keep away from this Company as they have 2 website and they donnot have any manufacturing plant or any other source.

    They are big Scammers

    the website is

    please keep you save we had losed 80100 USd from this scam and hopefull now to save other companies.


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    Replies: 1
    Last Post: 12-16-2008, 01:03 AM
  5. South Africa: no-win situation
    By David Ben-Ariel in forum Political Scams
    Replies: 1
    Last Post: 09-02-2008, 07:27 AM

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