Xmas day, really quiet, so I decided to go online a purchase a "Canada Goose" snorkel. If anyone knows, this coat run retail an average of $500.00 or more, so of course when I saw it online for $256.00!!! I jumped on it faster than I could have a chance to think it over, especially when I was expecting one for Christmas, but didn't get, It was on the Official Canadian Goose website, except the name of the company sounded a little suspicious!
and In China? anyway, I really didn't think about it until the next morning, after my head cleared from all the liquor, I quickly figured it out when I signed into to the Canada Goose company's website to track my purchase," I got taken for my Debit Card purchase!" I figured the slick web hackers somehow, jump onto to these legitimate high end web sites for an hour or so, rack up on sales, then take theirs names of, and they do this all day long going from one high end web site to the next. I for one paid $259.00 to learn my lesson, but that's exactly what they hope for and rely on, one sucker is all they need a day! or every few days, millions of people are online shopping for a better deal than the high end store prices. I should have listen to my dear Mom, looking down from Heaven and shaking her head, my son is a sucker! But, I won't be ever again..
Be careful buying online, research the company you sending your money to, make sure its legit before completing the purchase.