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    wis international

    This letter is concerning WIS International, inventory counting,
    110-420 Rue Des Meurons, Winnipeg - (204) 669-6505

    On December 22, 2010 I attended a training seminar-interview
    and i was truely disgusted at how the training was conducted.

    On jan 4 2011, spoke with rob daliwater head of human resources head office
    for wis canada, and he confirmed that the 3 hour presentation from 9am-12noon
    was in fact considered as work. Under employment standards canada, only training
    is not paid, spoke with don at employment standards and he confirmed that yes
    they have to pay people for the work presentation.

    1. We were told the reason we were brought in is because he was firing
    10 people, do we really need to know he was firing 10 people,
    this to me is a scare tactic, and bullying to intimidate new

    2. Then he went on to tell us about one girl who called and
    text messaged him on his cell, asking for a friday off for a special event.
    He goes on to say how he checked her schedule and saw that she wasnt on
    lunch or break, and he texted her back telling her, she has every friday
    off from now on and that she is fired. Again humiliation and embarassing
    fellow employees, and trying to intimidate the new employees in training.

    3.Also he said that he will kick people out of his work room, if he feels
    that they dont belong,this person is mean and sadistic, and cant even
    have the common courtesy or decency to wait till after the work presentation to
    tell people that they are not hired.

    4.He told us how he likes to embarass and redicule people who are few minutes
    late for his workshop and how he embarassed a gentleman the day before and
    rediculed him in front of the whole workshop class. Then saying how he was
    disapointed that no one was late today ,so that he could humilate and
    embarass that person today

    5. Also he told us how he will be watching us, and spying on his workers
    from hidden locations and that we wouldnt even know when he would be
    spying on us, this to me is intimidation. I have never heard anyone
    else saying how they will be spying on their employees like this before.

    6.He told us hours were given on performance, saying that if you werent one
    of the fastest workers you barely got any hours, but he told us
    that he posted 38 hours of work available on the canada govt job bank,
    he is using lies to bring in new employees.

    7.He told us that we couldnt go home, when our shift was done
    and that we had to go to the other stores and help them finish,
    alot of people have children, and this is not fair to them to
    have stay longer than their schedule, again no respect for
    people or thier private lives.

    I myself was humilated and embarassed during this group workshop,
    even though i was helping the lady beside me with her scan gun,
    i forgot to write down the numbers of the row during a scan,
    rather than just point out and explain the minor mistake,
    he told me to get my stuff and leave the building. I was
    insulted, humiliated and never felt so small in my life.
    He could have had the courtesy to talk to me after the
    workshop class wait 15-20 minutes. Instead he felt he needed
    to show his power of intimidation. Is this how a workshop class
    manager acts?

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    Re: wis international

    i filled out an application for the same company today. and recieved a phone call 10 minutes later. and i have an interview tomorrow at 11. any things i should be cautious about?

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    Re: wis international

    This company is a joke and i'd recommend staying away.

    My experience wasn't as bad as the original post but it was pretty close.

    I worked at the Vancouver location while I was attending school and they try and screw you over at every turn. Everyone that works there is miserable, they continuously mess up your paycheck, almost no one gets full time hours and NO one get there full wage. This is why the turn over rates so high.

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    Re: wis international

    I applied with this company in winnipeg and was called the same day. I was told to bring a pen, a viod chueque and not to be late. Well i was 10 minutes early and yes this shane newton does use scare tatics and bullying. I was hired but told i must wear a long sleeve shirt because of my tattoo's. Needing the job i didn't argue that this is actually discrimination so i went out and bought the things he said i would need. I was told i needed a belt so i got a belt, i looked for a long sleeve T-shirt in white or blue but being it is almost july i had no luck what so ever, so i instead bought a nice white collared dress shirt to wear under the WIS golf-shirt. Everything seemed fine at the office when i showed up for my first shift i got my golf shirt from the supervisior and he actually complimented me on looking very professional! But when i got to the store and shane newton showed up 15 minutes into the shift he was not at all happy, instead of calling me into the back room or even just out of ear shot of my fellow workers he told me in front of about 6 or 7 of my fellows workers that i was fired because i was clearly and i qoute" Not the brightest bulb on the shelf because i couldn't even buy the proper shirt like i was instructed". I somehow managed to make it out of the store without saying anything to him but WOW i can't believe that this guy has a job and with a company as large as WIS. This guy is rude he is mean and very be-littleing. I will see this before the labour board and I will be trying my damnedest to see that this guy is among the UN-EMPLOYED where he belongs. I knew from the training seminar that something was off with this guy but i really didn't think he would be that much of a jerk. Especially when there was others there tonight that looked like that had for
    1. slept in there clothes.
    2. Didn't have there shirts tucked in
    3. no belt.
    4. Pants with the crotch half way down to there knees.
    And wearing lots of jewelry and piercings.
    All of which are supossed to be against the "dress code". But appreantly he could see through my shirt to faintly make out my tattoo's. So i guess that makes me dumb witted and not up to HIS standards. I think the power however little of it he wields has gone to his head and he is an ego maniac. For his sake i hope that we never run into each other in public because i fully intend to make him look and feel the same has he did to me tonight in front of my fellow employies.

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    Re: wis international

    I used to work for this company.

    Good things ...
    Every time you work, it's a different location, within a hour away of your commute, or a vehicle is provided for you in some cases. You are offered an incentive to work at a faster pace. Those who could count faster than others and more efficiently/accurately, got extra pay, and other bonuses. For instance, if you had the reputation as a "heavy hitter", you would be sent on those inventories which included a hotel stay, better hours, and you are considered for work more than others during the horrid month after the holidays (which there's no work). Sometimes they'd send you on super target runs, which included a full 40 hours a week, sometimes much more.

    Bad things ...
    You are often driving more than an hour away on your own gas fund, the title of "Inventory Auditor" is stamped on many peoples nametag, Manager and Assistant manager or other notions of promotion, seem an impossibility, there are auditors who work at these stores auditing behind you, they work at target, wallmart, micro managing your every move, ratting you out to your boss if you exceed your mistake ratio limit, you are forbidden from speaking because it detracts from the counting, during your shift, you get a lunch, and after lunch, you must return to work, but if you failed to go outside during the first 10 minutes of your 30 minute lunch, you cannot go outside (per the rules of the stores), you get paid on a special atm card, which can of course only be used at atms, and the atm company charges you $3.00 to get money out, and you can only get out something like $500.00 at a time. Oh and the bottom line is, they didn't pay enough, and the raises didn't seem to come quick enough.

    The bottom line is, I didn't make much money here, and I wish I would have worked somewhere that paid more. And just like a broken record, I tried RGIS Inventory after that, which was a catastrophe.

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    Re: wis international

    this web page has just been set up to help employees
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