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    Scam??? MedAmerica International

    This is a company that came across my email and I decided to get info on the who and how. Basically, it is a data entry company that u get paid $50 for every application that u complete. Apparently, the spill is that everything is going cyber and all paper documents need to be in Word format. U pay a one time fee of $90 for the material. U are suppose to set up with PayPal as an account and they send the money to them which u then collect from paypal. Once ur done with ur application which can take 30-60mins u r immediately paid the money and on to the next application. My hold is the one time fee but with that is the PayPal fraud refund. So has anyone had anything in terms of contact r actually paid the fee and found out it is a scam??????

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    Re: Scam??? MedAmerica International

    I was wondering the same thing. I replied to an ad through Indeed.com for a job and I dont want to lose 90$

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    Re: Scam??? MedAmerica International

    Stay away from that program. Personally I never pay to get an online job. I have had my own share of disappointments.

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