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    Genuine Money-making Ideas

    I know we are all here because one way or the other we've been victims of scams, potential scams, just curious or looking for direction and honesty ...

    ... anyway, I'm turning the tables a bit on the raison d'etre of the website by asking fellow forumers if they are actively working on moneymaking ideas that actually say what they do on the tin!

    I'd appreciate your pointing me in the right direction(s) ;)

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    Re: Genuine Money-making Ideas

    Well, my primary pursuit of money is the old fashioned business approach, in a modern medium. I was introduced into a new market, noticed that it was not flooded and had much potential for growth, and am so attempting to build myself up as the most reputable and well known focal point of the industry. That is standard good old fashioned business, but the modern bit is the fact that I am trying to do the whole thing simply as a website and make money through affiliate accounts and adsense revenue.

    The industry is Sports Arbitrage which is in itself another way of making money. It is legit and legal (wherever gambling is legal) but I will be the first to admit that it is not as easy and as magnificantly profitable in itself as some websites would have you believe. It is simply a means for making money from home should you have the time, money and inclination to do so. I know of many people making several thousand per month doing it, but that is because they are full time traders with full bank rolls available to trade every available opportunity. (something in the order of $50,000 US would be a decent bankroll...)


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    Re: Genuine Money-making Ideas

    I've been duped, scammed, lied to, pissed off, taken advantage of, swayed, spun, etc. but one thing remains clear.

    There are inherent risks in life everyday! I don't care if you are a cabbie or work for some large corporation.

    The one way for the average person to survive in this world is to band together and share legitimate ideas as to increase the amount of money you make.

    I have teamed up with many members out of everything from mail order, to MLM, to online biz ops, to just about everything under the sun and we came up with an idea to combat debt.

    First off we must learn from our mistakes and fight these scammers by offering a legitimate way to make money. Otherwise people in need will keep going back to "scam city" looking for a way out of their situation.

    This is why gambling is so big now. Thet legally rob you and even pay taxes with your losses. Think about that for a moment!

    My idea (it is working now) is to form a team called The Intenational Wealth Builders Club that bands together and searches for viable money making offers that are legitimate.

    Please remember there are risks in every business but the wise biz op person limits those risks while educates themselves with what works and stays away from what doesn't.

    This is not a ad but a call for each one of you to use more than just 10% of your brain capacity to come up with a solution to making money by using leverage and common sense.

    I have done this and have helped put together a team that stays in touch with each other helping each member become debt free & financially secure without ripping off anybody.

    Do you want to know the biggest pyramid scheme in the USA?

    Social Security! Government Backed and Funded!

    My two cents!


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    Re: Genuine Money-making Ideas

    Good post Willie.

    I haven't formed a group at all, but I have very quickly formed a large circle of friends which I can rely on to give me good information, advise me on matters which I am less knowledgable about and so forth. This is all just part of 'networking' and probably the most important aspect of business.

    It's not what you know, its who you know.... (important)

    Its not who you know, its who knows you.... (more important)


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