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    The Coming Strong Delusion: UFOs & Aliens

    The Strong Delusion: Exposing the Deception & Danger Behind the UFO-Alien Phenomenon. Within this 9 parts series, which draws from the research of many different people from different beliefs, many different questions will be looked at including: – Are Aliens-UFOs real or are they all hoaxes? – Is this phenomenon burgeoning? – What do high level military, intelligence, government, & corporate officials believe and reveal about this subject? – Are Aliens-UFOs extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional? Do aliens really come from other far away planets or does the scientific evidence disprove this theory? – Are Aliens benevolent or malevolent? – Is the UFO-Alien phenomenon closely linked with the occult, paranormal & New Age? – Are Aliens demonic & fallen angelic spirit beings? Are these space brothers, demons, fallen angels, ascended masters, and aliens all one and the same? – Are people really being abducted? – Are people really able to stop & terminate abductions in the name & authority of Jesus Christ? – What does the Bible say about UFOs-Aliens? Are there prophecies and warnings about them? – What messages do these entities bring? What is the Alien Gospel? Is it the same repacked lies that the Devil, Satan, the serpent deceived Eve with in the Garden of Eden? – Do these alien messages constantly attack the Bible, the deity of Jesus Christ, and the biblical teachings surrounding Jesus Christs crucifixion and shedding of his blood, death, burial and resurrection...
    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: The Coming Strong Delusion: UFOs & Aliens

    The ancient astronaut theory seeks to explain anomalies in the human past, whether they be archaeological, mythological, anthropological, or palaeoanthropological. Here, we are concerned with the latter – the ancient astronaut theory for the origins of man, i.e. Homo sapiens, approximately 180,000 years ago.
    Ancient astronaut writers believe that a race of intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited and/or colonised Earth in the remote past, whereupon they upgraded the primitive hominid Homo erectus by means of genetic engineering to create the human race as we know it: Homo sapiens.
    Evidence for this idea is found (a) in the improbability of Homo sapiens emerging so suddenly, according to the principles of orthodox Darwinism; and (b) in the myths of ancient civilisations which describe human-like gods coming down from the heavens and creating mankind ‘in their own image’. Homo sapiens is thus regarded as a hybrid being, incorporating a mix of terrestrial genes from Homo erectus and extraterrestrial genes from the race of the gods.
    Prior to the modern age of space travel and genetics, this theory for the origins of man could not have been conceived. And even now, in the 21st century, there are many people who would regard it as science fiction. However, in the light of the problems with the orthodox theory of human evolution, the idea of a genetic intervention by an intelligent human-like species (who themselves *****ed on another planet over a more credible time frame) does require to be taken seriously as a potential solution to the mystery.
    The most famous exponents of the ancient astronaut intervention are the Swiss writer Erich von Daniken and the American writer Zecharia Sitchin. The latter, in particular, has argued the case in great detail, and it is to his theory that we now turn.
    The Theories of Zecharia Sitchin

    Zecharia Sitchin claims to be able to read and translate the ancient cuneiform tablets of Mesopotamia. Much of his evidence for ancient astronaut intervention consists of his own translations of these tablets, these translations differing significantly from those that have been proffered by academia.

    According to Sitchin’s interpretation of the ancient myths, an extraterrestrial race of gods known as ‘the Anunnaki’ came down to the Earth 445,000 years ago from a planet known as Marduk or Nibiru – a planet which remains in our solar system on a vast elliptical orbit of 3,600 years. These Anunnaki-gods then created Homo sapiens, partly in their own image, using a process of genetic engineering, with the aim of using this hybrid species as a slave race. Sitchin undertakes a remarkable study of the myths of the creation of man, in which he argues that many words and phrases anticipate the modern practices of genetic engineering and cloning. See his books ‘The Twelfth Planet’ (1976) and ‘Genesis Revisited’ (1990).
    Sitchin’s interpretation has gained considerable strength from the fact that the myths of the gods are inadequately explained by academia. It is for this reason that many intelligent people are attracted to his theory.
    In 1989, I myself became infatuated with Sitchin’s theory, to the extent that I felt motivated to publicise his idea in the UK. In 1996, I self-published a book ‘Gods of the New Millennium’ in which I lent enthusiastic support to his ancient astronaut hypothesis. The focus of my book was genetics, the myths of the gods, and the awesome improbability of human evolution according to the principles of Darwinism. This book was relaunched by Hodder and Stoughton in 1997, at which time it became a number 11 bestseller. With translation deals to follow, I suddenly found myself in the position of international spokesman for the ancient astronaut theory.
    However, upon conducting further research for an intended sequel, I began to see that there was a ‘third way’ to understand the myths of the gods, namely that the gods personified the cataclysmic powers of creation. This idea had never been considered by academia, nor by ancient astronaut writers, and yet it made sense of everything, and was clearly, to my mind, not only a superior theory but a true explanation. Consequently, in my second and third books, I performed a major U-turn, which had the unfortunate effect of alienating the majority of my readership. My contract with Hodder and Stoughton was terminated shortly afterwards.
    In 1999 an astonishing thing happened, following my attendance at the 8th annual UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada (February 21st to 27th). At this conference, I delivered a lecture about my second book, but in informal private discussions I also proclaimed my serious doubts about certain aspects of Sitchin’s theory. About seven weeks later, I received a letter (recorded delivery) from Sitchin, the full text of which I reproduce below.
    Date: April 16, 1999
    Dear Mr. Alford,
    It has come to my attention that you have made it a practice, in public talks and otherwise, to precede your presentation of your own writings by devoting a major part of your time and space to badmouthing me, my writings and my theories and conclusions.
    You are of course free to hold and present your own ideas and theories on any subject you wish; you are not free to defame me, destroy my reputation and wilfully cause me harm.
    You ought to be mature enough to present whatever you have to say about your own work without seeking justification for your own theories by viciously attacking mine.
    I trust you will give this letter serious consideration.
    Z. Sitchin
    Enclosed with the letter was a news cutting from the New York Times, dated April 14, 1999, which described how a New York law firm had agreed to pay 50 million dollars compensatory damages to Lexecon Inc, a Chicago consulting firm, for its attempts to discredit it and destroy its reputation. Sitchin had underlined in red ink the words ‘50 million dollars’, ‘destroy its reputation’, and ‘discredit’.
    To say that I was gobsmacked by this letter would be an understatement. The truth was that I had not devoted any time in my lecture to criticising Sitchin’s theories, as is evidenced by the video recording of my talk (which can be purchased from the UFO Congress). However, during my seven days at Laughlin, I did spend time criticising his theories in private conversations – albeit my comments were neither personal nor vicious. As for the suggestion that my arguments could destroy his reputation, that is pure melodrama of course, but some compliment to my powers of argument and persuasion!
    I did not respond to Sitchin's letter, nor take seriously the legitimacy of his legal claim. However, I did take seriously the risk that he might pursue his unfounded case and submerge me in a sea of litigation, at great cost to my ongoing research into the mysteries of ancient religion, Atlantis and the Great Pyramid. I therefore decided to keep my head down by avoiding confrontation with both Sitchin and his fans, even to the extent that I became guarded in my private conversations.
    Such a strategy was not without cost. In July 2000, I declined an invitation to appear on the Art Bell Show (a leading US radio programme) on the grounds that a proper defence of my theory – in the face of phone-ins from Sitchin fans – would require a hostile refutation of Sitchin’s theory before millions of listeners – a sure fire way to bring his solicitors down on my head.
    But time has moved on, and it has become increasingly apparent that confrontation with Sitchin’s theory is imperative if my own theories are to win the recognition that they deserve. As Alasdair Beal, the editor of ‘Chronology and Catastrophism Review’, put it to me in 2002: ‘to review and analyse competing theories (is) an essential part of the process of winning people over to a new idea.’ And, there can be no doubt about it, Sitchin’s interpretation of the ancient myths is a real obstacle to my aim of laying the groundwork for an eventual unification of all the world’s religions by explaining the meaning of their common mythology.
    I have therefore decided that I will take time out, after my sixth book is published in early-2004, to write an unprecedented critique of Sitchin’s theory, and offer it free on-line to interested readers. And if Sitchin cares to respond, be it in the form of scholarly arguments or litigious threats, I will be more than happy to publicise that too.
    Watch this space.
    In the meantime, I append a brief article which I wrote in 2000/01 for the benefit of Zecharia Sitchin fans, explaining, in broad terms, how and why I came to reject his theory of the myths of the gods. To read this article, please click:A Message to Sitchin Fans.

    ‘Gods of the New Millennium’

    Readers of my first book ‘Gods of the New Millennium’ are hereby advised that I have retracted a large part of the ‘evidence’ for ancient astronaut intervention which I cited in that book. This evidence relates to Zecharia Sitchin’s interpretation of the myths of the gods who came down from the skies. I am now firmly of the opinion that these gods personified the falling sky; in other words, the descent of the gods was a poetic rendition of the cataclysm myth which stood at the heart of ancient Near Eastern religions. But this re-assessment does not undermine other kinds of evidence which I cited in ‘Gods of the New Millennium’.

    To fully understand the reasons for this partial U-turn, interested parties should read the books that I have written since 1996. See the Bookshop section of this website.

    A brief position statement concerning my partial U-turn has been inserted in the paperback edition of ‘Gods of the New Millennium’ as a New Foreword.

    In addition, readers of ‘Gods of the New Millennium’ are invited to read my long and very detailed Self-Critique of that book, which explains where I now stand on a wide range of subjects from the origins of man to ancient science to megalithic sites. This Self-Critique is a restricted site, access to which requires insertion of a password. The password is in fact a number, of three digits, which is the life span of Abram as estimated in chapter 13 of ‘Gods of the New Millennium’. Please click here Self-Critique and enter the password when prompted
    Read the Texts and Decide for Yourself
    With regard to the controversy between Sitchin and myself, I often caution people against the dangers of forming a view based on his books and/or mine. Rather, I advise people to read the ancient texts and make their own judgements as to what these myths really mean. I have therefore attached to this page a list of all the relevant texts where the myths of the gods are recited. To view this list, please click:Ancient Texts Reading List.

    A New Scenario for Extraterrestrial Intervention

    Although I no longer support Zecharia Sitchin’s brand of ancient astronautism, I remain intrigued by the possibility of extraterrestrial intervention, albeit in the very remote past. My recommendation is that we treat the mythological evidence with the utmost caution, and focus instead on the archaeological, anthropological, and palaeoanthropological evidence for the theory.

    An alternative scenario, which I find more plausible, is that an extraterrestrial race came to Earth from a neighbouring planet in our own solar system – a planet that exploded millions of years ago.

    Based on his studies of comets, asteroids and meteorites, the American astronomer Dr Tom Van Flandern has postulated the prior existence of two additional planets in the heart of our solar system, between the orbits of the Earth and Jupiter (see http://www.metaresearch.org). According to Van Flandern, these two ex-planets exploded millions of years ago, possibly 250 mya and 65 mya respectively. The innermost of these two planets is thought to have been the parent of Mars (i.e. Mars was originally a moon) and has been designated ‘Planet V’. The outermost exploded planet has been designated ‘Planet K’.

    In addition, Planets V and K probably had moons, the majority of which likewise exploded. Van Flandern believes that it was one of these moons, probably belonging to Planet V, which exploded 3.2 mya, giving birth to the current generation of comets. Most pertinently, the evidence of ice in comets and water in some meteorites would suggest that this exploded moon was once a water-bearing world, not too dissimilar from the Earth but smaller in size. It would thus have been entirely suitable for the genesis of biological life forms.

    Did intelligent life *****e in the Planet V system? In my book ‘The Phoenix Solution’ (1998), I advanced the possibility, admittedly quite speculative, that an intelligent species might have *****ed upon one of these former bodies, and then migrated to the Earth in order to ensure the survival of their species:

    ‘One of the interesting implications of the EPH is that it places one or two previously unknown planets in the Sun’s ‘habitable zone’. Moreover, these planets appear to have been watery, which is an essential requirement for the development of life as we know it. If there were two of these planets, and the furthermost one, Planet K, exploded first (as seems to be the case), then any life on the nearest one, Planet V, would have been ‘quickened’ to an even greater extent than life on the Earth. It would then have had nearly 200 million years before it, too, exploded – more than enough time for intelligent life to have *****ed, realised the state of its predicament and moved on.’
    To which planet would such intelligent life have migrated? The obvious answer is: to Planet V’s neighbour – to planet Earth. There, in order to survive in a different planetary environment, the extraterrestrial species would have been forced to alter its genetic make-up, perhaps by mixing its genes with a native terrestrial species, thereby creating a hybrid. Might they be ‘us’? Might we be ‘them’, albeit perhaps in some hybridised form?

    One intriguing line of evidence for this migration scenario is the planet Mars which, according to Van Flandern’s EPH, was originally a moon of Planet V. In an attached article, I discuss the evidence for a former civilisation on Mars, and suggest that such a civilisation might have been wiped out when Planet V or a second moon of Planet V (known as ‘Body C’) exploded in its immediate vicinity. Please click here A Civilisation on Mars?

    "The mind bends and twists in order to deal with the horrors of life...
    ...sometimes the mind bends so much it snaps in two".

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    Re: The Coming Strong Delusion: UFOs & Aliens

    You should see the ancient Alien series. It'l blow your mind.

  4. 02-17-2011, 07:54 AM

    Double post

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    Re: The Coming Strong Delusion: UFOs & Aliens

    Quote Originally Posted by eugene66 View Post
    You should see the ancient Alien series. It'l blow your mind.
    I am still looking for evidence. Is there a single alien space ship or alien being found on earth? That's the basis of my disbelief. Sitchin offers no evidence just tablet translations. Where's evidence?

    Applying common sense, isn't it likely that after thousands of years, at least one space would have crashed? How about aliens? What happened to them when they died? Did they take all deceased aliens back to home base for burial?

    Hasn't anyone else asked these questions? It seems so obvious.

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    Re: The Coming Strong Delusion: UFOs & Aliens

    Quote Originally Posted by Cnance View Post
    I am still looking for evidence. Is there a single alien space ship or alien being found on earth? That's the basis of my disbelief. Sitchin offers no evidence just tablet translations. Where's evidence?

    Applying common sense, isn't it likely that after thousands of years, at least one space would have crashed? How about aliens? What happened to them when they died? Did they take all deceased aliens back to home base for burial?

    Hasn't anyone else asked these questions? It seems so obvious.
    Actually they have. So recent I thought I was reading a double post.

    But I will have to be sure you have an open mind like a scholar who wants to know because some people really don't want an answer. I know because I give them something (especially when I give them a video) they don't watch it and alter they ask the same question again.

    I'll tell you a few facts off hand so for the moment don't ask me for my resources because itl take some digging. This is MY evidence or what makes them credible to me and also it is like you say, Not pieces of any spacecraft or anything in my possession.

    South African Shaman Credo Mutwa ATE a piece of dried alien flesh. He says it gives you a rash first and then it gives you a high that lasts for days wherein you feel "enlightened"

    The native Africans have been haunted by aliens for all time untill the western world got here and they have managed to kill some of them. The shamans were the only ones who ate their meat because it made them clairvoyant for life.

    A lot of our electronic technology was sold to the elite who made huge profits leaking it to the public. Transistors being one.

    Matilda O Donnel Interviewed the first alien that was "resqued" in area 51. A copy of that interview has been released recently. (Google "Alien interview")

    A few years back the 40 year rule over witholding evidence from the public in the US was reached enabling all NASA and bluebook staff at last to confess to the cover up.

    They confessed to a lot of stuff that Conspiracy researchers have been called "tin hatters" for , for years now and MORE. Even myself who thought I was open minded would NEVER have guessed the stuff they were covering up.

    Its an hour video available on the net. If you want it just ask and I will embed it there for about the 5th time. (On this forum) Its called "The greatest story ever denied" if you want to google it.

    The Terran Papers is also an account of a spaceship that fell in the desert and the native indians "saved" an alien there before the government showed up and removed everything. The alien taught them a lot of what is happening in the galaxy.

    The Terran papers is a hearsay story that the another heard from his grandfather who was one of the teenagers at the time. At the reservation schools he was asked to do an account of "where we come from" and he wrote and handed in "The Terran papers" Google it.

    The Terran Papers Confirms Zacaria Sitchin's books about Genesis and what happens in the universe because it is the same story.

    Ancient aliens is a few part tv Series (I think from history channel) that deals with archeological artefacts that were dug up like the metal balls in in South Africa and the Nasca planes and Renaissance art history pointing to ufo's and aliens all along in our existence.

    They study evidence like tool marks in rock that points to technology sometimes beyond our current capability. Like the Pyramids in Egypt and South America.

    I believe the aliens have a HUGE influential part in our being here and our history to date and I also believe the time for them to come out of hiding is upon us.

    I also believe that we should open our minds to this fact because a closed mind or a mind in denial will literally not see what it needs to see and therefore cannot defend itself against what it denies.

    I am not saying that they are out to get us...all of them (More then 16 species), but rather that we should be open eyed....just in case.

    These four sources all tell about our origins and the planet long ago.
    Zacharia Sitchin. We know where he roams.
    Author of the Terran papers in an American desert somewhwere.

    Credo Mutwa from a hut in a South African Village

    Ramtha. Yelm Washington altough he is an ascended master chanelled by a woman JZ Knight.

    They all tell the same story and They don't know each other. Matilda's Alien interview transcripts speaks of another race of aliens who won domination over the "Old empire" and apparently the old empire is the one that the other four are talking about. So in a roundabout way she corroborates their story too.

    If ever you thought Star Wars and the X files were not real, when you go into this stuff you begin to wonder if they REALLY were not real.

    If you want sources for any of these that I mentioned here I will gladly supply them.

    Then also there is one site that explains how the technology was obtained and leaked into the public but they do not offer anything what you might consider substantial. But their story fits with reality as we know it. Timeline and inventors, historical events and everything.

    It reads like an X files story and even if it is not real it was still entertaining reading.

    Personally I take the common story from all of them. Mot people might shoot them down over some tiny little detail. I choose to hear them all out like one would expect a real judge should.

    After hearing them all out I grab the common story.

    Much like the Bible believers would take the four diverse accounts of Mathew Mark Luke and John when they tell of Jesus Crucifixion and resurrection, I take the diverse accounts of Ancient Alien genesis and find a common thread in the story.
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    Re: The Coming Strong Delusion: UFOs & Aliens

    Quote Originally Posted by eugene66 View Post
    You should see the ancient Alien series. It'l blow your mind.
    Quote Originally Posted by eugene66 View Post
    You should see the ancient Alien series. It'l blow your mind.

    You can say that again....

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    Re: The Coming Strong Delusion: UFOs & Aliens

    Until it was translated after it was discovered. Man was kept from the knowledge with it. Probably on purpose.

    Read the Book of Enoch.

    You will see a pre-flood world of total unbelief.
    These (Watchers such as called) that left their heavenly abode (Universe above) came to Earth and did genetically modify the humans.
    They also taught Man much knowledge known to them, yet limited.
    All secrets weren't revealed, only what they had knowledge of.
    Knowledge of metals, war weapons, of the stars,make-up to be pleasing to these Alins who left their Home and took oaths to do just that to corrupt what Man was originally made to be.
    There were 200 who agreed to come to this Planet.
    They are named with the knowledge they taught.
    The Earth was ravaged by their changing Human DNA which created the gods of Old myths which my theory are the tells passed down through the beliefs in Zeus, Thor and Apollo etc.
    They supposed had great powers, each slightly different and were able to breed ( DNA experiments?)with Humans and animals creating monsterous creatures
    (Possibly the Dinosuars)
    There are no time lines given, but we do know the Earth is Billions of years Old.
    Who's to say, that it didn't happen, not I.
    But it has been concluded the Christ and the Apostles did refer many times back to the writings of Enoch, meaning they felt it was a truth.

    There have been found Giant skeletons and a giant ancient axe (10,000 yrs Old?) in Arizona made by forging different metals as today and the metal head was perfectly forged, not stamped out.

    Enoch shows us that the World before a massive Entire Earth devastation was very advanced.

    We will never know for sure what it actually was like before the Earth rotation was effected by what ever happened before Noah's story.

    What I did notice about Enoch and His description of the World before the cataclysmic event the Earths Rotation was that where the Day and Night were divided equally with 9 parts for daylight and 9 parts for evenings with the exception of the day becoming 10 parts once every 4 yrs for one yr.

    So there must of been something Huge to turn the Earth around, don't you think?

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