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    False Arrest Of Redshield Ent. Ceo Louis Gibson

    It is fear many people have. Being falsely accused of a crime is terrifying, especially if the prosecutor says they know you did not commit the crime against you, and will not drop charges against you. After all, how do you prove something you did not do? In television and movies the protagonist is always vindicated, but this is real life after all. According to Ohio State University, as many, as 10,000 people are wrongly convicted each year in our justice system. Just how could this happen? Further more, how could it happen to me, Louis Gibson, a retired United States Marine? Now confined to a wheelchair with multiple injuries sustain while serving in the United States Marine Corp..

    False accusations can happen for a variety of reasons. One is the reliance some investigators place on witnesses. Contrary to popular belief, some witness testimony is extremely unreliable. Especially when in my case it involves two former sales representatives, Mathew S. McCloy, and Holly Madison. Both worked for my company in Norcross, GA,, now closed due to negative press, Redshield Entertainment llc. Norcross Police Officer Eric Butynski badge number 122, who I have had several personal verbal arguments with since I established Redshield Entertainment in Norcross GA.. Officer Butynski was not my Christmas list. Even less liked when his unlawful investigation on December 22, 2009 led to a warrant charging me with False Report of a Crime.(warrant number 09w-19949) In addition, they all, filled in information they did not know conjuring up coherent dialogue. Officer Butynski pass the malicious report as legitimate.

    Next is something that would change my view of the legal system in Georgia. WSB News ran a story live that Redshield Entertainment hired and did not pay employees. I did my best by phone to explain as a re-seller of Clearwire mobile Internet service commissions were paid to my Redshield Entertainment in sixty days. Clearwire pays Redshield Entertainment then my sales representative get commissions earned. A reporter contacted by Mathew S. McCloy and Holly Madison knowingly lied on air, resulting in Clearwire revoking my agreement due to bad press. Norcross Police Department began harassment daily. Two weeks prior Mathew and I, at my place of business, got mail rejecting activation of my utilities due to incomplete application. As I opened the envelope I saw my company check and three other documents with my signature forged. Mathew confirmed Holly had attempted to put utilities in Redshield Entertainment's name. Holly had not come in that day so I called her to find out why, and who authorized her to sign my name. She also produced a memo on my behalf authorizing herself and signed my signature. She shouted at me over the phone and quit. I then instructed Mathew to file a complaint for me, due to my personal issues with Officer Butynski, this would prove to be not one of my brightest decisions. Norcross Detective Beverly Parnell badge number 120 with Officer Butynski influenced her and her report stated, "Warrants were not obtained on Mrs. Maddison because of lack of information at the time of the report.", even with all the documentation presented and Mathew's statement that Holly had forged my signature. In less than two weeks from this filling I was charged with felony forgery in my False Report of a Crime warrant. If you are reading this you must be thinking, huh? Yes, yes, yes this is my whole case! This is Georgia legal system in full effect.

    As you can see, there are several factors working against me in this criminal case. Even though a person like myself can be innocent, like on television shows the police, prosecutor demonize the accused and definitely work against the defendent. An investigation that may be based on false evidence only made important by police officers bent on malicious motives taking the attention off the actual charge being brought. I now rely on the media to get involved as I take legal precautions in this situation.

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    Redshield Entertainment And Wsb News Report


    In November 2009 Redshield Entertainment LLC and the reputation of its CEO Louis Gibson was attacked. Usually a fair reporting news channel, WSB News after being contacted by former sales rep and manager Mathew MccCloy, who claimed he had not been paid during the holiday season for working there, moved forward with the story without cross-verifying factual documentation.Gnawing relentlessly on Redshield's ankles, Linda Stauffer reported this story of 3 screaming angry sales representatives? not being paid for work one of which being Matt's roommate, in front of Redshield's newly established place of business in Alpharetta, GA.

    Following the negative media coverage, the license for Redshield to sell Clearwire mobile Internet, at the time its sole source of current revenue was revoked; dark tales were recounted about Redshield Entertainment and CEO Louis Gibson on the Internet; not to mention that he learned shortly thereafter that at the same time the same sales rep petitioned for the cessation of Redshield Entertainment and the Media coverage thereof, he also campaigned for the commencement of license to sell Clear Internet for his newly formed company, prior to Redshield's and Clearwire's dissolution and using the identical practices, methods, teachings and even staff of Redshield.

    Was it just good old competition? I guess except retired disabled marine Louis Gibson who currently sits in a wheelchair and has been diagnosed with PTSD as well as a host of other issues after serving now feels these additional scars, and a little over 1 year now feels he has just gotten the shaft. 1 year later, neither of the 2 companies is still in business selling Clear Internet and the same reps who demanded payment after 30 days of working for Redshield found out that there new CEO couldn't pay that quickly either because Clearwire's contractual agreement with all resellers pays out in a 60 day pay cycle. Not to mention that the news coverage allowed the prowess of the adversary to sway the public opinion of some in its favor. Let me explain.

    Reading of Redshield and its woes, viewing limited information online anyone could quickly pass judgement. As computers become increasingly more sophisticated so do in some cases Internet stone throwing anonymous sinners, some without even any direct knowledge of the matter in discussion. GOD seeing all, often many readers are noncommittal on subject matter, without additional sources of obtaining what they consider factual information, like a news source. The news report however gave the prowess of influencing the public opinion of some to the adversary, increasing Mr Gibson's woes to fighting in those cases, public opinion on this matter as well, a challenge he has self-described as at times like America's war in Iraq.

    The worse revelation to come was forthcoming just a little over last week. In the intricate details of this story, Louis was arrested on December 18, 2010 on false charges also birthed from this fiasco. The same sales rep, Matt who began selling under his new company name, after this news story aired went to the police department speaking of his allegations, the news video and its airing. He also had filed a police report of the grievance and its further related details. The police without further investigating issued a warrant for Louis Gibson's arrest. The charge was based on a check forged by another former staff member and the nonpayment of reps citing the news report as one of its references. Upon exiting the jail on bail almost 2 weeks later and after spending now his 6th Christmas away from those he loves; 5 being, 1 for each year while having served in the US armed forces and the 6th one birthed out of the events mentioned here, Louis Gibson now asks is there justice in America? Will WSB news even report a retraction? The attack on his small business must give Louis cold sweats at night and you would think that for a veteran striving to adapt back to civilian life after handling the casuaties of war would have been enough... Please respond I would like to hear your thoughts

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