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Thread: cigg scam

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    cigg scam

    [email protected]

    "Hello, thanks for the quick response. We would need about 6 hours of your time on Monday and Tuesday (you will make the hours). You qualify to have your $500 franchising fee and $300 start-up fees for your zip code paid for by RJ Reynolds. Please fill out the following form and we will send you your information packet and check to get you started. Once you fill out the attached form you will be sent a check from RJ Reynolds for $300 to pay for your start-up fees as well as your first week of posters.

    Your first order will be shipped to you upon your signup, and your $300 payment to SandwichBoard INC which you will NOT pay until after you recieve your payment from RJ Reynolds. After that we will require that you have your poster order placed by no later than 2:00 PM EST every Saturday. Your posters should arrive the following Monday, and you should have them installed by Wednesday morning. We will require that the manager of the store fills out a small form with thier name and phone number so we may periodically screen the customers.

    You will recieve a payment for completed work either through paypal, or directly deposited into your checking account. Your next weeks poster purchase will already be deducted from your pay. You will earn $10, and a $2 transferable RJ Reynolds coupon, for every store that you complete. You MUST have a managers signature and telephone number on each form or you will NOT be paid for that store.
    If you're ready to get started please continue on to our secure website below to fill out our franchising form. Within a week of filling out the attached form you will receive a check and instructions for placing your first poster order. We look forward to working with you.
    http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/1ba39eJR3d44vlL543he4ft8 "

    When you follow the link, you're asked to give bank information.

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    Re: cigg scam

    but there is a way to get paid threw paypal did you go threw with this? and were you able to cash the check they sent you?

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