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Thread: DNA Kit - Scam

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    DNA Kit - Scam

    My sister in law received a package in the mail from China - also had a Canada adress on it. It is a DNA kit and it tells her to fill out a survey, submit her DNA with $40 and her credit card number - and she will automatically win $10,000... I haven't heard of this one before - obviously it's a scam, but I was just curious if anyone had heard of it before? Should she turn the package over to the local police or just trash it?

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    Re: DNA Kit - Scam

    Id trash it at the very least she would have her credit card number stolen at the worst with a dna sample in the wrong hands the sky is the limit it could get very bad.

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    Re: DNA Kit - Scam

    I received the same thing in the mail, I threw it in the trash, smells fishie to me. Think about it your dna and your credit card# LOL

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