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    Beware of Andrew R Szczygiel Naugatuck CT

    For what its worth. His Company alias company name that he operates under is Interactive Media Solutions.

    This individual confiscated nearly $14,000

    Andrew R Szczygiel
    507 Spring Street Apt. A
    Naugatuck Connecticut 06770
    United States of America
    Phone: 2034905304

    I had a horrible experience with this individual. He is a floater between Naugatuck valley CT & Georgia. He responded to a *****slist post I had for some internet work. He claims to be a computer/graphic designer; His actions proved otherwise. He is about 5'7", a little heavy in the belly. He distinguishing factor is a sleeve tattoo going up I believe it is his right arm. Upon a first meeting he will most likely be wearing a long sleeve shirt to cover this. He has scammed me out of nearly $14,000 in services not rendered. He also stole a 15" Macbook Pro from me along with a host of other items. I have two suits against him;But he is hard to track down being a floater. He has quite a few other suites against him as well as domestic violence charges.

    I know I may not be able to recoup my losses from this individual but the best I can do is help protect others from such a malicious individual. Anyone is welcome to call me as I would be open to give any details of my encounter 203.627.1768

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    Re: Beware of Andrew R Szczygiel Naugatuck CT

    I've also had a negative encounter with this man and his girlfriend Katie Sharkey. They stole money from me & friends of mine. They are disgusting people. They have a restraining order against each other but yet still live together. She is also pregnant with his child. I believe they get a rush from hurting & stealing money from people. Neither of them earn and honest living. They are solely dependent on stealing money from people and Katie has men that want sex from her wire her money to the Western Union down the street at Big Y. They are good at what they do. If you meet them, stay away from them, far far away. The girl has a tattoo on her face and Drew is short and chunky with an arm sleeve. They are sick people. The girl already has two children and doesn't even have them in her care as it is and they're bringing another child into this world. It should be illegal! Not to mention most of their money goes up their noses anyways. How are they going to support and care for a child and afford their drug habit? They need to be stopped before they steal from more people! I hope to God that their child doesn't go home with them. They are a violent couple and beat each other up. The child will be neglected and maybe even hurt! If you had a run in with these awful con artists please post your experience so that it may some way help the man who originally posted this in his law suites against Drew. Do not give these people money and do NOT hire them for any computer jobs! He will take your money and give you the run around and you'll never see a dime of it. Their families do not even want anything to do with them. You are bad people if your own families want nothing to do with you!

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    Re: Beware of Andrew R Szczygiel Naugatuck CT

    I have known Andrew Szczygiel for quite sometime now and I have nothing good to say about this man. He is a scam artist and a good one at that. He is great at making himself seem like the victim which is how he makes out so well most of the time.

    Andrew lives with his girlfriend Kathleen Sharkey. He has been arrested on domestic violence chargers for abusing this girl. There is also a protection order between Andrew and Kathleen (or Katie as she likes to be called). The protection order is to keep him away from her, yet they share the apartment on Spring Street and Andrew and Katie are expecting a baby this up coming summer.

    Katie is not just a victim of domestic violence though, she is just as big of a scam artist as Andrew is. Katie solicits sex to men thru over the phone dating sites and has these men forward her a "deposit" before she meets up with them. She never actually meets with these men, but she does promise them sex and takes money from them. This is a reason why her phone number changes so frequently. The money these men give to her is sent through Western Union.

    Andrew and Katie are using up all their resources. The more they con and steal the more people find out. And when enough people find out what will they do? They can't survive without scamming people. Katie Sharkey refuses to work, living off her disability checks because of her hip problems she has. Andrew will "work" but what he really ends up doing is running poor people out of their money.

    I also know that the conning and the scamming is a way for them to support their drug habbit. Andrew and Katie are both addicted to a pain killer called percocet. Katie, due to her hip problems, is prescribed to take I believe between 4 and 6 percocet 15's (15 mg) a day. When she picks up her prescription it is gone within days from either her and Andrew doing them, or from her selling them. The rest of the time until she gets her new script, they spend all this money on percocet 30's (30 mg).

    It is an unfortunate and sad situation. These are two people with a drug habbit, no motivation to get clean, no motivation to do an honest days work, and no remorse for the people they hurt. They do not feel bad for the people they steal from, lie to, or con. I know this for a fact.

    I would stay away from Andrew Szczygiel and his girlfriend Katie Sharkey. They will not hesitate to do any of these things to you, they do it to their own family.

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    Re: Beware of Andrew R Szczygiel Naugatuck CT

    He's at it again


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    Re: Beware of Andrew R Szczygiel Naugatuck CT

    Anyone looking to hire him for work or any business dealings; Please run as fast as you can. He is a great BS artist & will sing you a song & dance to make you feel badly. He just wants what is in your pocket. He will make excuses for previous "business" dealings; such as he did not get paid or what not from his client *me*. That is the story he told me of his previous business dealings with clients.

    He is good at playing victim. I felt badly for him & his previously mentioned girlfriend; Even *loaning* them $1500 for missed rent expenses; He and his girlfriend got evicted anyhow. Go figure.

    For anyone looking to work with him; I will be glad to forward all my check receipts of all the money he stole from me within the last few months.

    Also be kind enough to ask him for the serial # which is W80303QXAGV on the macbook pro he is using to work on your project with.

    Call Apple support & ask them who the computer belongs to.

    Ill give you a hint; It is not Andrew Szczygiel.

    This is the same guy here http://www.linkedin.com/pub/andrew-szczygiel/8/2b5/772

    Thanks again all.

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    Re: Beware of Andrew R Szczygiel Naugatuck CT

    Hello; First of all I would like to thank the folks at scam.com; Really great website and very informative.

    This same individual Andrew Szczygiel which owns Imagine That Media, unfortunately took us to. Which by the way the state of CT has no records of such a company when I called to inquire about the company.

    I really wish I would have found this site earlier.

    This gentleman took a deposit for $1500 from my husband and I for some web work as well as graphic design work.

    This was 3 months ago; Still nothing. No response what so ever. The telephone number he had given us has been shut off.

    At this time my husband and I have decided to cut our losses. Our attorney informed us it would be best to move on due to this individual not having anything to attach.

    For the opening user of this thread. When our lawyer did a background check on this man. He found that there is 2 judgments against him already. One from a Doctors office & one from another gentleman that had this occurrence quite a few years back. It may be awhile before you can collect anything. Just a heads up.

    As the others have said; he is a very smooth talker and appeared very nice and well put together. If he is wearing a long sleeve shirt as him if you can see his arms. If he has tattoos run...!

    Please pm me with any questions; My husband and I felt it would be best to protect our identities being this man has a violent past.

    To the opening thread starter. Best of luck. Please keep us informed of your outcome.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Beware of Andrew R Szczygiel Naugatuck CT

    If you would like to contact them their most recent numbers are : andrew- 203.490.5304, katie- 860.230.5403 and home- 203.632.8373....they also go to the big y western union in naugatuck atleast once every two days! I really wish there was a way to post this page to his current job posting listed up above!

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    Re: Beware of Andrew R Szczygiel Naugatuck CT

    Hello all following this thread. I am pleased to say that I won both lawsuits against this crook. The court has ordered him to pay back nearly 10k of stolen money; With an option to press forward with more suites to reclaim the remainder of my stolen funds.

    Unfortunately there are three others on the collection list that have judgements against him.

    Thanks everyone for viewing; Hopefully no one else will fall victim to this evil man.

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