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    tecnicaly not a scam but junk alert beware of the.

    It is December that time of year for the clapper to go on sale on TV. Why only around x-mas ? I do not know maybe because it is a clapper(read on to understand meaning)I got a clapper as a gift for x-mas 23 years ago it did not work out of the box, well it kind of did but you had to be a few inches away and it operated intermittently and only after trying for 5 minutes. I tried 2 others from a friend who had them with same performance. Your hands hurt so bad you would be hell with this I will just get up to turn off the lamp which is what I tried to use like the commercial shows maybe if I had kept a lighter and firecrackers on the night stand and lit one and threw one by it every time I wanted the lights off or on it would have worked out too bad firecrackers are illegal and can blow your fingers off,LOL. Imagine if it worked as designed and every time your TV was to loud or there was a action movie on with explosions a disaster off and on, off and on no thanks. No way an old lady could operate one like the commercial shows she would bust her hands. Or become a addict from needed morphine for the pain. I seen in recent years it is redesigned. I wonder if it still is non functioning? I loved that gift even though it never worked it made me laugh , still does. The thought of the old lady in the commercial to the cheesy song and my experience with it makes me laugh. I made up a term I still use. When something breaks or is broken I say it clapped or if something is a cheap piece of s&^% I say what a clapper referring to the noun. Hope I do not get sued. lol. It is appropriate from my experience and I am not suggesting not to buy one but beware.Ive been using it, the term not the product for 23 years and when I tell people "it clapped" and they say what and I explain they find it funny. I saved the clapper for years in the box but it was lost. I wish I still had it just for a laugh.

    Also I love the Chia pet. That year I got the clapper for Xmas my brother got one. It was the sheep back then I think that's all they had but what a disaster. I helped with the seed aplication and it was on the kitchen counter getting plenty of sun light and water and we were not kids no mistakes besides it was not complicated we were in our teens and we followed the directions and half the thing was bald. I believe 2008 maybe 2009 they had an orange Obama head that grows green hair that came out. I heard on the news last week that they pulled it because it was offensive to African Americans because it would grow a big afro but do not worry the Obama one will be back this holiday along with other presidents. I think it is offensive looking but not meant to be offensive or racist and why one of Obama of all the presidents? I also learned from the news too all you Chia pet fans there will this year an addition of presidents available and even a presidential set ! I wonder how many Obama ones are needed to get one to grow a full head of Chia hair? If it performs like ours did it will have a high probability of bald spots making it really hideous as if it is not with all the seeds growing. I think they should make an Osama Bin Laden one you can own to target practice on thats about all they are good for. Merry xmas I recommend listen to your momma "if i is too good to be true then it it is"and my advise is 3 things You have to work hard for your money do no trust anyone offering a get rich offer if its investing to the lottery with out a red flag no matter what. And look into everything before you commit. Do not take anyone's word you don't know well. There is a line around your block of people after your hard earned money. Last If there is no contract ask for there be one,at least know the terms in writing not from someones word before you pay any money and you must read the fine print and entire contract before you sign or pay if not it is probably not not a scam if it is in the terms and even if it is different then what you were told by the salesman.This is so common and avoidable.

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    Re: tecnicaly not a scam but junk alert beware of

    Washingto, Lincoln, Obama, and Lady Liberty.


    Too bad there isn't a Chia Hendrix - I'd buy that one for the top of my entertainmeant center.

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