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    Is Online-home-jobs.com a scam?

    I recently came across this site http://www.online-home-jobs.com.They offer different types of work at home projects like online/offline data entry,ad posting job etc. for a membership fee.now I am interested in one particular online data entry job program for which they are charging $99 and which they claim will yield about $450-$1500 per month.
    Now has anyone heard of this site or used this site? Can anyone tell me whether it pays it's members correctly or just takes the registration fees and dissappears ? In short can anyone tell me whether this site is a scam or not?
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    Re: Is Online-home-jobs.com a scam?

    Is this company the same as home online jobs by michelle mathews? Has any one tried it?Thanks

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    wrong forum

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    Re: Is Online-home-jobs.com a scam?

    I'd be interested to know if Michelle Mathews is a real person as I have read some conflicting reports about the online home jobs, the ads and copy look quite good but from a users point of view I 've read some nightmare stories of 1 hour sales calls - hard sell stuff on people that are looking to get out of poverty, which sounds unethical
    You can contact me here via this 123contact.com form:


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    Re: Is Online-home-jobs.com a scam?

    Dear Fellow friends,
    Before, I registered, I happened to find a gentleman at online home jobs.com who identified himself as John Smith. Have a look at the questions I posed and how he responded!!

    Q While it is my desire to maximize my potential and earn from all the programs, as an insider, which program would you suggest for a starter like me?
    A. copy paste or ad posting
    Q. what is the guarantee that I will receive my payments?
    A. 100% guarantee if you work honestly by doing as we require
    Q. Must I have a website to begin? If yes, what should be the content of the website?
    A. no you don't need to have website, everything will be provided by us
    Q. My analysis on the service plan and cost reveals a minimum of 300 forms per month across all the plans. What is the guarantee that I will have access to 300 forms and above so that I reach the minimum threshold for payments?
    A. Our server is having 24hrs unlimited form never ending... so dont worry
    Q. May I kindly know why your chat window is always offline!
    A. yes we kept it offline because of the huge no. of customers we have, most of them ask normal questions which is answered on our site, so it seems of no use and it keeps the needy always in queue, we are finding a better way for that.
    Q. What is the probability/possibility that I will earn $36000 on platinum plan on the form filling jobs?
    A. Its upto you,...

    After registering for adposting jobs on online home jobs on the 26th May 2011, I got this message the next day, 27th May...

    "Dear Kenneth,
    Thanks for purchasing Job work at www.online-home-jobs.com
    Your Job work has been successfully activated in My Account Section
    To get started login at www.online-home-jobs.com/login.php with below details,
    Your Account Id: KJ263177
    Always use our Customer Support or
    You can also refer our Knowledgebase Section for instant help.
    Register Now at MaxMoney - Get 90% Monthly & 1080% Yearly Interest on your Investment.
    Account Department

    I began working the same day and hit the minimum 500 ads before 31st May. My inquiries on whether I will receive payments have never been responded to neither have I received any message on the same. I tend to believe this is a scam but I still have very few days to confirm if this is a scam or a legitimate site. I write this today, 9th June 2010, I still have 6days to receive my payments or simply blow-out their cover. In case you need help, kindly contact me at orwadimo@gmail.com
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    Re: Is Online-home-jobs.com a scam?

    Do not believe in that company. You never get payment.

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    Re: Is Online-home-jobs.com a scam?

    The same here i had a bad experience from them. After i paid them i work so hard to earn money and then when payment comes i am so disappointed they did not pay me,they did not reply to all my emails,they did not reply to my calls and they did not reply to my online chat query. They are scammers i hope there is an agency where we can report this kind of things and they will really do actions about this matter. So that this scammers will be stop and be band from their scamming tactics.Online-home-jobs.com, dataentryjobs.us, http://jobsinus.us/ they are the same one company. If only i knew what is there webhost so that i can contact them and tell them this company be band from being on the web. All i can say do not, do not, do not join this company.

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    Re: Is Online-home-jobs.com a scam?

    my friends are doing online jobs at home at makemoney.pk its really nice and good for students to do part and full time

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    Re: Is Online-home-jobs.com a scam?

    Never pay to get a job online. It is always a scam.most of the information you will get in these paid programs is actually free when you search using Google.

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