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    Corrupt Judge William Adams

    Corrupt Judge William Adams and attorneys Lanette Joubert, William Dudley and William Kelly Aransas County

    Judge William Adams Aransas County Court at Law
    Corrupt, Child Abuser, Liar, Conspirator

    I was visiting County Court at Law in Aransas County on October 11, 2010, and I was horrified at what I saw. The case involved custody of a 6 year old child.

    The mother presented medical records from Texas Mental Health and Retardation Services (MHMR) showing that the child care provider used by the father was homicidal, suicidal, psychotic and heavily drugged among other things. Judge William Adams presiding judge of the Court held that this evidence was “irrelevant.” I heard the lawyer for the mother say “You better hope this child is not hurt.” Incredibly, Judge William Adams just shrugged his shoulders.

    The father, his lawyer, and the child care provider had all lied earlier claiming the child care provider was perfectly OK. Judge William Adams couldn’t care less about this lie designed to endanger the child. The hearing was obviously rigged and the truth would not interfere with the outcome that had been predetermined. Judge William Adams didn’t even conceal the corruption.

    The mother testified that the child said his father, his father’s lawyers, and others told him to lie that his mother “touched” him improperly. Also, the child was told that a judge said his mother is a “bad mommy” and to not hold her hand or hug her (and several other malicious things).

    The mother testified that the events described by the child were corroborated because two waiters at the restaurant where the child said this happened confirmed that the father and child and a number of adults were present at the time described by the child. One of the waiters testified in open court confirming this. The other waiter presented an affidavit. The father lied that he had not been at the restaurant. The child said he was told to lie and say he saw his mother’s lawyer and his mother in bed together. The mother testified the child had no other way to know this lie had been told by the father’s lawyers (without any evidence) so what the child said must be true.

    There was no evidence that the meeting the child described didn’t occur (other than mere denials by the same people who had earlier claimed that the child care provider was perfectly OK). The lawyer for the father said the child was “fantasizing” yet provided no evidence of this just her statements which were just stupid (there is no reason a six year old child should not be believed and the child is hardly a toddler). Incredibly, the Judge not only ignored the outcries of the child but punished the mother and her lawyer for reporting what the child had said. I was absolutely appalled. The Judge clearly did not care about the truth and was acting completely corruptly.

    The lawyer for the mother said that it is irresponsible to believe a child and Judge William Adams was agreeing. They effectively called this child a liar with no evidence to justify that. It was obvious to me that they were corruptly concealing the truth of what happened.

    I attended a later hearing where the father testified that the child was honest and does not fantasize. He said he would be concerned if he the child told him that the mother was telling the child to lie and say that “daddy touched you.” Judge William Adams just ignored what the child said about the abuse the father and his lawyers did to the child (and worked to conceal it).

    I saw Judge Adams completely deny the mother discovery and punish her for even trying. Judge William Adams clearly had no interest in the truth and in fact was covering up the truth.

    Judge William Adams was removed from the case within days of the hearing. I saw a later hearing presided over by a different judge, and I observed Judge William Adams slapping one of the lawyers for the father on the back and smiling and joking with him (in the hall outside the courtroom). This lawyer William Dudley appeared homosexual to me.

    I found the following picture of his partner on the internet.

    I got to talking to a guy there at the hearing. His name is Stanley Rains. He said these same lawyers denied him access to his child for a decade based on lies and corruption much like I had just seen with Judge Adams. Stanley Rains’ ex-wife had said that some anonymous ladies at a park had seen him there with his daughter playing chase, sitting on a park bench, etc. There was no allegation of wrong doing just groundless insinuation. He was persecuted for years by these same lawyers (Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, and William Kelly).

    William Kelly is a city councilman most of the time. His wife was driving drunk and had an accident injuring his children. That happened nearly a decade ago. The case still has not been tried due to the corruption r*****ing around these lawyers.

    Stanley Rains was even prosecuted for a crime. The allegation was totally corrupt and retaliatory essentially that he had gone to the school to see his daughter (which his Court order allowed him to do). He told me that these lawyers always lie and steal children from loving parents. They groom weak and corrupt judges to help them. William Kelly brags about “destroying people.”

    These same lawyers destroyed the relationship of a man named ***** Doreck with his children merely because his child came home after a visit with “poop on his butt.” These sicko lawyers suggested that poop in a diaper of a child in diapers somehow evidenced sexual misconduct. They also claimed the small child still in diapers said “dad tickled me on the butt.” They say a six year old child should not be believed on who he had dinner with and what was said yet a child still diapers should be believed about dad “tickling him on the butt.” I was appalled at what I was hearing. There is obviously corruption in our family law bar and courts.

    Stanley Rains told me that William Dudley admitted to being a child abuser.

    I was absolutely appalled by the behavior of Judge William Adams. He is corrupt, and he was abusing this child subjecting this child to a danger homicidal suicidal care provider and protecting the lawyers who sought to have his mother imprisoned and taken from his life. Stanley Rains told me they do this all the time. They do the same “plays” over and over again destroying many children and parents. They are sociopaths with no conscience and no integrity.

    In Stanley Rains’ case, William Kelly’s sister in law was the Ad Litem (Jeanette Cantu Bazarre). She lied about interviewing the ladies at the park and made up lies. Stanley Rains never learned that the ad litem was related to William Kelly until many years later.

    Judge William Adams of Aransas County Court at Law is a corrupt loser. He looks as weak and immature as he is. He looks like a boy with his hands caught in the cookie jar. He looks like he just finished meeting with William Dudley (or his associate). He is a corrupt. He is a loser. Do not vote for him. Be a responsible citizen and watch those elected to public office. Judges should be be responsible and honest people and he isn’t. He wants the approval of lawyers like Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, and William Kelly and couldn’t care less about children or justice.

    Here is “pretty boy” William Dudley who takes great pains to sound like a professor but who is obviously just a total dumb ass who uses his “pretty boy” sex appeal to win over judges.

    These lawyers and this judge sicken me. The judge needs to be voted out of office. Please do your public duty and go to court proceedings like I did and let the public know about bad apple judges. It could be you next time. Sicko lawyers cannot function without corrupt judges.

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    This post is a complete lie probably posted by the losing "lawyer" David Sibley. It is merely a swipe at one of the best most competent judges in the area because Sibley did such a poor job. What really happened is that Sibley has had an on going affair with his "client": admitted going to Seaworld and various other places with his "client". How weird is that? do most lawyers do this? Sibley has libeled and slandered everyone he comes into contact with when he loses in court, which is usually. He attacked the former judge, Bobby Galvan, the same way when he did not get the rulings he desired. Mr. Sibley is going before the State Bar now for his unprofessional actions. He has been reported many times. this time they should take his license because he has no business trying to practice law in his condition. Unkempt, slow, unfamiliar with simple rules of evidence, and easily led astray, he usually does a poor job. He even had a case recently where at the jury trial, he had his client plead "guilty" when arraigned before the jury who was assembled. what is up with that. I could go on but it really isnt worth my time. Just ask any lawyer in corpus christ about David sibley. ask any about judge adams, attorney joubert, Dudley, or kelly. It is Sibley who has the poor reputation. He can not present a case in court properly so when he looses, he attacks the judges and lawyers who oppose him with blogs like this. I am going to report this to the judge and other attorneys so they can sue him for libel. Unfortunately, he probably has nothing since his "law practice" is not that great. Sibley is just an incompetent nusiance in my opinion and in everyone elses who I have spoken to too. If the judge was really corrupt, he would have taken the child from Sibley's client but he did not. It was only temporary orders hearing and the judge left things as they had been until the trial. That is what judges usually do so it doesnt upset the kids. Sibley also claimed that the former judge and the othersides lawyers were at a secret meeting at some chinese restaurant. he fell flat on his face when he couldnt prove this. He had the cc police records people sit there all day over gps records he claimed showed the judges police escort was there too. The records revealed that that was another wild pipe dream by sibley. How could he expect anyone to believe anything he ever said or argued after he makes such wild damging allegations that he can not prove. he just wasted abunch of time for people and showed himself to be wacko. I can not believe his "client" is staying with him. He has totally messed up her case. If she is smart, she will fire him and report him to the bar too.

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    Whoever posted the above is substantially correct.

    Judge Adams did rule that it was irrelevant that the father's child care provider is homicidal, psychotic, suicidal, etc. He did his best to keep that evidence from coming to light. The father and his lawyer (Lanette Joubert) and the child care provider claimed she was OK and she obviously isn't.

    That did happen. That is the truth and the record will reflect that once the record is prepared. That is what happened.

    It is also true Judge Adams refused to listen to the outcry of a boy 5 nearly 6 that he was being told to lie about his mother setting her up for false criminal prosecution (among other things the boy was being maliciously told). It is also true that this conversation was corroborated. Waiters at the restaurant corroborated that the boy and the father were there (along with roughly the correct number of adults). The boy's testimony was been recorded twice on videotape including by a child psychologist. The judge not only ignored the boy's testimony but claimed it didn't even exist (he said there was no evidence when there obviously was). There was no legal basis for ignoring this boy's testimony and none was argued other than that "children fantasize." Obviously, children are believed by the courts all the time including in the most serious of matters. That is the facts of what happened.

    Lanette Joubert, William Kelly, and William Dudley regularly claim falsely that children have been abused. They usually don't have any evidence. They just do this maliciously to steal children from good parents. That is just the truth. Their "evidence" is usually several layers of hearsay usually with at least one layer anonymous. They come up with ludicrous stories and they usually obtain their orders ex parte. William Kelly did this just last Friday. He gave his opposition 1 hour notice. He did it based on an anonymous report. A large series of people have suffered this abuse and two are willing to talk about it -- Stanley Rains and ***** Doreck.

    Judge Adams generally is competent but he had a really bad day on October 11, 2010 1) holding that it is irrelevant that a child care provider is homicidal, suicidal, heavily drugged, psychotic, etc.; 2) holding that there is no evidence of a meeting where the child was induced to lie about his mother designed at a minimum for her to lose custody and possibly prison (it is a crime to coerce a witness to testify falsely) when the a child's testimony is competent (absent a showing otherwise -- no such showing was even attempted) and the child's testimony was corroborated in several ways; and 3) holding that it is abusive to seek professional writings of professional witnesses (something nearly all articles and books on cross examination say is essential for good examination). That is just a partial list. It was a very bad day for him.

    The GPS records were incomplete. There was a gap which has not been explained. The portion of the GPS records corresponding to the time of the meeting is missing. The GPS records tend to confirm the existence of the meeting.

    It is lie that Sibley is having an affair with his client. These lawyers always create lies and usually about sex. These lawyers obviously wrote the above because the content would be known only to them (with part known only to Adams). It is a bald face lie. This is what these lawyers do -- they lie. They have no evidence of that and it didn't happen. It is a total fabrication by dishonest lying lawyers. If going to Sea World with a client and her mother (and others) is the strangest things, these lawyers can say, Sibley is obviously very clean.

    Sibley usually wins and in fact has won most of the hearings in the case at issue. This is why these lawyers have resorted to such underhanded tactics. It is a shame that Adams allowed himself to get himself sullied by them. They probably posted the first posting themselves so they could blame Sibley.

    There was never an attack on Judge Galvan. He was sent a letter informing him what the child said. He hasn't responded.

    The lawyers who wrote the above know they are not supposed to talk about complaints at the State Bar. They filed it, and the complain is full of lies like the above post.

    These lawyers don't even comprehend the concept of rules of civil procedure or evidence. Lanette Joubert for years quoted a rule that didn't even exist at the time (Rule 169). For these lawyers, Rules are ever changing whatever they want the Rules to say. As just a few examples, Joubert does not have even the slightest comprehension of what constitutions "hearsay" (she doesn't understand that a verbal act which are words that have legal significance independent of their truth is not hearsay). She also incredibly said recently that an order is not valid if it does not have the magic words "Ordered, Adjudged, and Decreed." These lawyers just make up law as they go along just as they make up false sexual allegations.

    These lawyers were not present when a defendant pled guilty in front of the jury. This is why Adams probably participated i the above slander. He pled guilty because he was guilty and he wanted to plead guilty to accept guilt so his brother hopefully would not be found guilty (he admitted the marijuana was his and took the position his brother did not know about the marijuana). It is kind of strange for a Judge to say it is weird for a guilty man to plead guilty (to try to save his brother). Unfortunately, the jury found his brother guilty also.

    Sibley has won many cases and usually wins and he wins without having to make up rules and law (e.g. make up a nonexistent rule that a nearly 6 year old boy's outcry of criminal abuse should be ignored). He also wins without slandering opposing counsel (or a litigant before his court). This child says the father and his lawyer told him to lie which would have the effect of framing his mother for a crime and taking the child from the mother. That was wrong. This child is very competent and ignoring this child was wrong. There is no law stating that a child should be ignored in fact everyone knows that people go to prison all the time on the testimony of children. There was evidence that these lawyers had done wrong (in fact committed a crime) so they came up with a non-existing rule of law saying testimony by a child should be ignored. There was never any evidence this child was not testifying truthfully other than the denials of these lawyers.

    Essentially, these lawyers took the position that their credibility as a matter of law trumps the credibility of a child. There is no such law anywhere nor should there be. There are issues with testimony by children -- the same with testimony by adults. Testimony must be weighed on its own merits. All testimony by children is not automatically disbelieved. Neither is all testimony by these lawyers (perhaps, it should be).

    It is a lie that the meeting at the restaurant wasn't proven. There was testimony about the child's testimony on the issue (with no hearsay objection). There are two videotapes of the child's testimony one by a child psychologist. There were waiters who testified on the issue. The only sense in which it wasn't proven is that the Judge made the ruling completely unfounded in the law that the child's testimony was meaningless (there is no such law). The Judge didn't say he didn't believe it -- he said effectively it didn't even exist. His exact words were "there is no evidence" which means essentially that the child's testimony was completely ignored. he later stated in writing that the restaurant meeting was "totally fabricated." There was not one shred of evidence that the child's testimony was fabricated and in fact is was corroborated by the waiters. Imagine in a sexual assault of a child case the defendant claiming the child should not be believed because he is a child. It would never happen. That is not the law. They just made up law and in the process they concealed a crime (inducing a witness to lie). It was wrong.

    We'll see what the complete GPS records show (or whether they are ever produced). It is not wacko to believe a perfectly credible child. It is not wacko to no believe these lawyers.

    These lawyers work as a team (Joubert, Kelley, and Dudley). Two of them have been sued for fraud. The third is representing another sued for fraud. They have agenda. Kelly lied to this woman about the lawyer when he was serving as mediator to induce her to sign away her separate property house, her separate property minivan and give up her freedom to move a reasonable distance to where she has family support and job opportunities. They put her in a financially difficult position not expecting her to survive. They did this expecting to take the child from her when she failed. She hasn't failed and she won't. They filed a motion to take the child within months of entry of judgment. They lost. They have lost a whole series of motions in this case. The only issue of significance they won until the atrocious October 11, 2010 hearing was keeping her from moving to be with her family.

    She is a determined young lady and she will probably prevail ultimately. These lawyers have not only attacked her repeatedly (false malicious attacks including the attack through her child -- malicious things said to her child) they have attacked her lawyer repeatedly. Two judges have ruled against them on their efforts to disqualify her lawyer due to the fabricated nonexistent "affair." They are bullies and they are not bound by truth or rules of ethics or really anything in their efforts to take this child and give this child to a woman who has been diagnosed as psychotic, homicidal, etc.

    They have done things like this before. They kept Stanley Rains almost completely away from his child for roughly a decade with no evidence of any wrongdoing at all. This is what they do. William Kelly started the process with a new almost certainly false allegation just last Friday. He got the order against the mother after giving 1 hour notice (the notice was given during the lunch hour). They play dirty tricks like this all the time. They steal children based on lies and false allegations. That is how they earn their livings. It is ashamed Judge Adams got snookered into their frauds. They probably lied to him. He should be smart enough not to believe them.

    Sibley is proud of standing up for innocent victims of abusive lawyers like these. These lawyers have not been successful at taking this child from a wonderful mother and giving the child to a psychotic, homicidal, etc. woman for over a year now. These lawyers are getting frustrated which is why they post slanderous dishonest nonsense like the above. They certainly posted the second posting. They probably posted the first.

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    I found this Blog by Stanley Rains:

    Now sick men and twisted attorneys, with judicial complicity, are beginning to do to innocent women, exactly what the Bitchhood has been doing to men, falsely accusing the women of sex crimes against children. In a case where I recently testified to the pattern of false allegations by a set of independent attorneys who claim to be unofficial partners in abuse of parents in family court, a 6 year old child made an outcry to his mother that his father, his father’s adult, police sergeant nephew, his father’s attorney, a judge in this case, and the attorney for the father’s attorney met at the child’s favorite local restaurant and was told by the judge and others to lie and say his mother had touched him sexually.
    The mother’s attorney, Mr. David Sibley, interviewed the owner of the restaurant and received a copy of the ticket for the specific large group table the child stated the party had sat. The correct number of adults and one child was shown on the ticket. The two waiters who attended the table both knew the father and son but not the others. The two waiters confirmed, one with courtroom testimony and the other in a sworn affidavit, the father, son, and others dressed in business attire were at the table at the time the child indicated.
    The child further stated the police officer relative drove the judge to child’s aunt’s house, where the other adults went as well. The child said the efforts to get the child to make false allegations by the adults continued at the Aunt’s house.
    The young child stated the police officer later drove the judge, whom the child had met in a court appearance, back to the judge’s home in the officer’s patrol car.
    Mr. Sibley subpoenaed the GPS records for the official patrol car the child stated the police officer was driving. The GPS records for that car were provided with a fifteen hour gap in the records for that car. The gap corresponds with the time the child stated the meeting was held. The GPS readings stopped at a location far removed from where they resumed almost exactly 15 hours later.
    The child was taken to a well experienced pediatric psychologist who discussed the child’s statements with the child and found no cause to disbelieve the child.
    The judge and others have refused to deny, on the record that there was a meeting at that restaurant on that date and time.
    Police are not investigating this effort to influence a witness to make false allegations. The police are not investigating the use of a police sergeant and his vehicle in the crime of attempting to influence and intimidate a witness to falsely accuse his own mother of sex crimes. The media won’t touch it. And the three Bitchhood spin miesters claim no one is harmed by false allegations. This has been common fare for the past 20 + years in falsely accusing men.
    Now for the Piece de resistance, the father states the mother is a good mother but the father wants the aunt, who participated in part of the effort to intimidate the child into making a false outcry against his mother, to be his son’s new mother now that the father and mother are divorced.
    The aunt has a history of treatment by Texas State Mental Health and Mental Retardation psychiatrists for being homicidal, hallucinatory, occasionally psychotic, suicidal, suffering from Major Depressive disorder and extremely heavily medicated to control the mental issues. Or at least she is heavily medicated when she takes her prescriptions. The aunt is in denial that she has mental issues and was falsely denying, under oath, that she had been repeatedly hospitalized for her mental illnesses by the State to protect her and others.
    A new judge, The Honorable William Adams of Aransas County, Texas, ruled that the medical condition and records of the father’s preferred care provider, the homocidal, hallucinating and sometimes psychotic caregiverfor his son and the father’s preferred new mother for the child, should he gain custody is not relevant. The judge had only moments before heard the father state that irrespective of medical records, he would ignore the diagnosis and continue to leave his son with this homicidal psychotic.
    This new judge, William Adams of Rockport, Texas ruled that a homicidal, hallucinatory, psychotic, heavily medicated, suicidal person with whom the child is left with for prolonged periods by the father is not relevant to safety or Best Interest of the Child. I sat in the courtroom and watched this travesty transpire. All present, including the judge’s own staff seemed shocked and taken aback by this bizarre ruling. Is this the real meaning of Best Interest of the Child? Is this how jaded and immune our courts and media have become where real danger is minimized and false allegations lionized?
    The visible arrogance of Judge Adams was comparable to the arrogance of the Medieval Italian Prince to whom Machiavelli was writing in the book by the same name, “The Prince”. The judge was exercising raw, unbridled power for which he has nearly absolute immunity. This is the life of a false sex allegation. Just ask Jennifer Mata in Rockport, Texas what it is like to be the target of a conspiracy to falsely accuse.

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    If this is a legitimate complaint, wouldn't addressing to the the state bar association, the local media and any jurist review body be more productive courses of action?
    If they ask you to keep the details quiet, it's a scam.

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    Corp, LLC. Are you really that Naive? A judge can get away with almost anything. Same for an attorney. The media won't touch a local judge.

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    I found this easily after being told of it. I am aware of your posts. Unfortunately I can not respond much to this libel, except in court. Just be advised, I am aware of it and action is being taken. Judge Adams

  8. 05-12-2011, 03:45 PM


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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    Mr. Sibley and Mr. Rains: Interesting that you should turn up on this site. Judge Adams

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    The problem you have is that there is a record and the record is honest.

    The problem you have is that everything stated above by Sibley and Rains is true.

    You did some egregiously wrong things and signed some dishonest orders.

    Your post looks like a threat.

    That is a crime.

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    Re: Honorable Judge William Adams

    [quote=William Adams;1047631]Mr. Sibley and Mr. Rains: Interesting that you should turn up on this site.

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    Quote Originally Posted by William Adams View Post
    I found this easily after being told of it. I am aware of your posts. Unfortunately I can not respond much to this libel, except in court. Just be advised, I am aware of it and action is being taken. Judge Adams
    This you, Judge?

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    HAHA Karat! Awwkkkkwardddd. Time to go, "judge".

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    Quote Originally Posted by Karat View Post
    That appears to be Judge William Adams screaming obscenities in his daughter's face and unmercifully beating her with a belt.

    Would explain his perverse notion of a child's "best interests".

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    Quote Originally Posted by whatreallyhappened View Post
    It is merely a swipe at one of the best most competent judges in the area because
    You mean the same guy who beats his mentally disabled daughter with a belt repeatedly and gets sexual satisfaction out of making her "submit" and having her "get on her belly like a grown woman"?


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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    This is obviously a slanderfest with full video manipulation to boot!! Don't worry Judge, I'm on your side!

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    Re: Corrupt Judge William Adams

    @JudgeDaughterAbuser Are you insane? I won't weigh in on the OP's claims of misconduct in the courtroom because I was not there, and I don't know what happened. I will however weigh in on the video which I have just watched.

    Its clearly a webcam video placed by the child in the video to capture incidents of the abuse that she has surely been suffering for some time (for what other reason would the child be gathering video evidence?) I don't see any of the tell tale signs or artifacts of digital manipulation in the video that was posted, so I can only assume that is in fact the "honorable" judge beating his daughter senseless with a weapon, whilst swearing at her and and making unreasonable demands for her to present the part of her that he wants to lash instead of just being happy with the lashes already struck.

    Evidently, after his indifferent wife took over and got her "lick" in, he'd not had enough and went back for a second "helping". Was this all a rational reaction to a fairly minor infraction? I can see getting upset, and punishing a child for disobedience, and even for wrong doing, but a mauling of this sort is really uncalled for. Did you watch the video? In its entirety?

    I come from a 70s household where corporal punishment was a valid tool for raising a child. I am absolutely for corporal punishment, and staying out of the way of a parent raising their child, but there has to be a point where it goes from being punishment to sadistic abuse. In my opinion, the behavior in the video crosses that line.

    As a very small child, I once took a nickel candy from a store. My parents made me take it back, apologize, shamed me, among other things. Should I have been beaten with a leather strap mercilessly for this trespass? I think not, the punishment was adequate, and was just for the crime. If this kid downloaded something illegally, should she not have been made to delete it, then some other restitution made? Nobody was hurt or physically died from what she did, right? What she did could have been undone. I am sorry, I have to say that the penalty was far in excess of what she'd done.

    I am no psychologist, but even as a lay person , in the father's actions and words it seems that he has anger issues, and possibly seems to have some sort of resentment for the child. I found the mother's apathy to her daughter being beaten frightening as well. That is not to mention her willingness to take a stroke herself.

    Bottom line, here in my state, if any man or very possibly a woman (we have gender inequality in our domestic/family court system) were to have done what the video clearly shows they would not have their child/children anymore, and would be facing abuse charges. Time will tell how fair the system in that state/county is. Hopefully, justice will be served and both mother and father will do some jail time for what they have done.

    If the local district attorney sees this board, I strongly encourage him/her to file charges. To not do so would only show leniency for public officials, that would only forward the idea that the system is unequal. If the state bar happens to see this post, I would also suggest that this judge be reviewed for possible disbarment.

    Of course, this whole post only represents my personal opinion on what I have seen, but I ask, is there any other conclusion to be drawn with or without any deeper context to the situation?

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