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    End-Run: the largest fraud in ****** since ENRON!


    CEO of US First ******, #1 ****** marketer, Michael Jarmana is the whistler blower on the largest fraud in ****** since Enron.

    Rather than just leaking the details to the press, Jarmana has made a statement by exposing the fraud to the world by not only constructing a highly elaborate website but also including a “tell all” movie which describes his claims in vivid detail.

    Just as Bill Gates gained immense power through the control of the Windows operating system, Jarmana reveals to the world the existence of ******’s first organized crime ring whose focus is to control America’s ****** companies through the development of the ultimate, Windows-like, software platform which they’ve managed to develop through a highly criminal pirating scheme.

    Jarmana is the first in America to create a process to directly mass-market green ****** and to develop a highly complex sales system which is the gold standard of the industry. He also is the first person to figure out how to mass-market electricity to commercial businesses in America.

    These skills made him a target for Alex Landa Rodriguez, the master mind of the criminal Syndicate. Rodriguez has the most unusual of pedigree’s having been the former founder of Dallas’ Stream ******, a billion-dollar firm, and one of the fastest growing companies in US history. On the Inc 500, Stream ****** places 198.

    What is the risk of an organized crime ring controlling the software of today’s ****** companies? When customers sign up for their power they can have their identities stolen. The crime syndicates plans involve gaming the entire ****** sector.

    In a story told by an insider at the very pinnacle of America’s ****** industry, you get an unprecedented look at the inner working of this crime ring through emails, documents, court cases all laid out in a highly precise, irrefutable manner.

    Today, Jarmana reveals, on www.End-Run.com, that Rodriguez is actually an ****** industry executive who is secretly running an underworld-like, white collar, crime network all across the ****** sector.

    In it Jarmana unmasks a crime ring whose plot involves targeting such luminaries from Hunt Oil’s President Hunter Hunt to Houston business man Jim Crane to even institutions like the University of Texas Longhorns and ****** firms like GDF Suez ******, the world’s largest ****** retailer. The story involves so many prominent Americans it would take a page to name them all. Plus the scandal involves most of the nation’s major ****** companies. As this crime ring has spread its tentacles across the entire ****** sector.

    This is an incredible, real-life look into a fraud like no other. www.End-Run.com.

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    Re: End-Run: the largest fraud in ****** since ENR

    Michael Jarmana, wrote a bad screen play with this end-run. Keeps talking about all of this evidence and has not provided any, just speculations and finger pointing.

    I do like the Part where he takes credit for teaching people how to screw customers by signing them to 30% higher electricity rates for 5 years. Michael's drug use was and probably still is the main focus of his life, he loves to party and does not care who he hurts in the process.

    So if anyone reads this non-sense remember that the man behind it is nothing more then a glorified door to door sales guy.

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