Name of our Saviour

The name is one of the most desirable of men’s thought’s.
It leads men to do incredibly great things or incredibly stupid things.
Men want to be known. Their name, to be on the lips of others. They desire all to summon to there name as the Lords of Old demanded that all be summon to their name.

Names were how one knew ones own heritage.
Status in life, i.e. heritage.

You have seen it throughout all of History.

Great Men and Women who have made a name for themselves and are brought through times past to present through tells (stories) of people from one land to the other.
About some deed or effect or for no real reason have made a name for themselves.

However, they made a name for themselves.

Ask yourself if, for instance, if the Pope dies why can’t He resurrect Himself.
He has made a name such as, Gods chosen leader and actually the Temporary Son of God here on Earth claim.

How come none of them have lived forever?

Babylon the Great was destroyed.
They tried to make a name for themselves above the name of Yahuah.

They wanted to be a Great Name among the Entire World and have one Government, one people, one language, One World United in Pagan Gods (Hero’s/Gods of war, such as were the children of the fallen watchers which almost devoured the Entire Planet. (Acceptable Mega Deaths)

These so called Hero Gods.

Ate first all cattle, beasts of the land, all crops, and then turned on man.
Cannibalizing flesh in more ways then one, by using man to create weapons of War and teaching so.
They killed the entire planet (polluted)

Yah had to wipe them off the Planet.

Bringing the whole Earth to a stand still and the waters (oceans ) jumped over the land and “Wa-La” new earth.

They the Children, were half Gods of these fallen ones (watcher DNA) half human DNA) . Read Enoch. These so called Son’s of the Gods (destroyers of all things created ). These Maggots spirits were cast as punishment to roam the Earth until the End of Days as evil spirits

The, this Babylon, which as explained started the new destruction to come “End of Days”

In Names (nations) children were and still are being put on that altar of death (WAR).

Names such as Rome, England, Japan in whatever country you live.

Loyalty to a name.

Pledges are loyalty to a name, United States of America for instance.

A name is a powerful thing, need I go on with examples?

Ok, a few more.

Hitler, Jim Jones, Nixon, Che, Castor, Palin oops there goes another one, Clinton(s) HRCC
I’m sure you remember some names.

Maybe even a Movie Star or celebrities.

Our life is filled with names of others for some reason or the other.

What about Yah’s Sons?

Kept from us His Name by the HRCC.

There is power in HIS name. “Yahusha” meaning

“Yah is our Salvation”

If you believe what is in the Scripture to be true (all translations), then you already believe so, for he (Yahusha) has said so.

We have been told in as much, that if we truly believe in His name Yahusha, you will be saved and be able to do as he, when He was amongst us.

The Conditions for being able to do these things he did, is to use His name.

Simple, (pause) yet complicated!

When you have Wormwood (poison) added to the mix of pure living water, you will find a name change.

You know the Adversary’s job is to misdirect the true worship towards Him (Lucifer) right?

True or false?

We who are drinking the Living Water (teachings of our “ha adon”(lord) our Kool-Aid) have found it to be Wormwood that poisoned the Living Waters into pagan practices.

Now being a truth to millions.

In turn, by keeping His name from us and substituting it with another has kept His name from being Honored, healing us, and doing all forms of miracles.

but we need His true name to pronounce and have on our lips and minds.

For all things are done through His name.

It is in His name not ours or any others that we get to have this Planet fresh and new after Judgment .

It is in Nations Names that we get our Nationalistic ideals of we are correct and others aren’t.

Thus starts the destruction of all things again in Names.

His name, Yahusha is above all names and we need to start realizing wormwood was thrown into the batch.

It stays true to most all, but for some reason names where changed and lost through time, this was work of our adversary who is tirelessly keeping us from finding the truth.

The truth in this, is the true name.

Everyone needs to rethink why it was changed.

By now you should realize the Sabbath was changed to. Why?

So again you must seek out why.

Of course you know I have.

You don’t have to look to far.

It’s one of the commandments we must obey.