Saw my resume online and sent this to my email....

After reviewing your resume, we feel that you are a good fit for a Payment Processing position.
My name is Dorothy Giddens and I represent Reign Group Inc.
We are a large company headquartered in the USA. The main field of our business is IT outsourcing services, including assisting our clients' search for potential employees and matching the most ideal candidate for each company's request.
The position we are offering is part-time with a flexible schedule. You are to spend on average 2-3 hours a day (except Saturday and Sunday, no tasks during weekends) working from your home.
NOTE: Internet access and e-mail are required.
Reign Group Inc. covers all expenses--no need to invest your own money, and we will never ask for any form of payment from you!
After we sign the contract, you'll be employed for a training period lasting one month. During this time frame, you'll receive all the necessary instructions and training from your supervisor. One week before the trial ends, your supervisor will be making his/her decision regarding full-time employment.
During the training period, you'll be paid $2,300 a month. In addition, you'll keep 8% from every money transfer processed. Total income, considering the current volume of clients will be up to $4500 per month. After you successfully pass the training period, base salary will be increased up to $3000 per month.
If you are interested in this job offer or would like to learn more please forward a filled out form with your updated contact information to us at:
First name:_______________________
Last name:_____________
Country of residence:_____________________
Contact phone:____________________
Preferred call time:____________________
We promise to reply promptly!
Dorothy Giddens
Reign Group Company