Something everyone claiming Christ as King should read.

The fake name of the Mashiach , “Jesus”, is a Greco-Romanism, and means absolutely nothing in Hebrew. If it were a “translation, then it could be re-translated back to Hebrew.

When taken back to the Greek, it means “hey-Zeus”, or “hail Zeus”.
The closest word to “sus” in Hebrew is “soos” and means “horse”.
Zeus is depicted as a Centaur (half man/ half horse) which is found in Babylonian Astrology in the constellation of Sagittarius.
Sus in Latin means Pig.

The true name of our Son of God (Yahuah) is Yahusha.

Which translated from Hebrew is;
“ Yah is our salvation”

Many things have been concealed from us in order to control people.

Authorities tortured and executed millions of innocent people over many centuries and now in the fullness of time, all that was concealed (done in secret) is laid bare in a logical framework.

The Motive:

To misdirect worship to the adversary and away from the true names and observance of the Law (Torah) that was not done away with, as most if not all of Christian’s have been taught.

They observe teachings that are in complete contradiction to what is truth.
Need I mention just a few?
Just a few below.

1. Sabbath is Sunday
2. Taking away the true power of the true name of the Son of Yahuah.
3. “Lord” translated back to Hebrew is as if your making a claim of worship to Baal. ( main pagan deity)
4. Worship and celebration of Christmas, which is the Pagan Day of celebrating the birth of the Sun God (Nimrod) first King of the known world. (Babylon)

Clearly Shepherds are not tending their flocks in the dead of winter.

5. Worship of Easter as the day Yahusha rose from the tomb.
When in actuality is the Honoring of Estar another Pagan God.
6. The changing of the times of days . Traditionally and throughout Hebrew Calendar the new day starts at sundown and ends at sundown which equals one day.

Back to number 5.
This is just one of many examples of lies through the administration of a few and demanded by the whole of anyone wishing to have eternal life.

How could he (Yahusha) die on a Friday and of risen before the first day of the week you call Sunday. Do the math. It does not equal up to the 3 days in the grave as we are told (lied to).

In order for it to equal 3 days do it like the Jews do.

He was killed on the 4th day of the week (6pm nighttime fell on his execution) and then add 3 and you come up with the Sabbath Day which is the way it went.
They the women could not anoint and prepare him for burial do to the fact that it was also one of the other Sabbath’s that come 6 other times, other then on the seventh every week.
These women could not prepare him in time, for no work is done on the Sabbath.
So they showed up on the first after the Sabbath and he was risen. That’s anytime after 6pm on the seventh to 6pm on the first day (Sunday)

This is just one example of Wormwood that destroys the True Living Waters ministry to us who would believe a truth, but we accept traditions and laws made by man over the Laws of our true benefactor Yahuah our El.

Just one of the many mis-directions of the truth.

Acts 20:17
Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which this self-apart spirit has made you overseers (elders), to shepherd the assembly of Elohim (God) which he has purchased with his own blood.
For, I know this, that after my departure SAVAGE WOLVES (POPES) shall come in among you, not sparing the flock.
Also from among yourselves men shall arise, speaking distorted teachings (Catholic), to draw you away (the taught ones) after themselves (Popes).

This verse in Acts was a fortell of what will happen to the truth by Paul.
He saw what man would do through their father Satan.

( Catholic teachings where for 1200 years the only teachings any who trusted in Christ could adhere to or be torture and or burnt alive.)

No wonder it is believed as truth when it is far, far from it.

It is Wormwood !

We do many things because it becomes customary to do them, never knowing about the “Law of first discovery” (reading and studying)

How long has it been since you have read the Scriptures and leaned on what you read and not what you’ve been told?

Have you ever?

We need to read and not be led astray by the teachings of men.
You need to have the truth or you will die in thirst for it.
( He will get the message to you, you do not need a delivery boy.)

I, (Rick aka Sharky) being chosen by Yahuah (though a sinner) have been showered with His Grace through Faith.
He that speaks from my mouth is truly Yahuah’s message to all and this is the grace (gift) given to one so unworthy of His adoration.

If you get any thing from this, it should be to let Him speak to you through His words of comfort.

Have Him speak to your heart, all you have to do is listen as you read.