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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    For all of you that applied to this job... did you read the FAQ about the researcher position, wherein it describes the difference between the assistant researcher and a researcher? I copied this from that page..
    "CS: How do Researchers use Assistants?
    Helm: SRN helps its Researchers grow their businesses by building teams of contractors or “Assistants.” who do everything from basic research and job candidate sourcing to selling research services on behalf of the Researcher. SRN recruits and trains Assistants at no charge to Researchers. The Assistant doesn’t pay anything to get involved. Instead, SRN receives 50% of the first forty thousand the Assistant makes. We pay for recruiting and training the Assistant, and work with them so they can contribute to the Researchers business. "
    So, basically they are getting $20,000 from the Assistants too. If this position is real, my guess would be that after you've made the first 40,000, of which they would take half, you don't get any more work and someone else just gets hired. Just a guess.

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    Request completed.

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    Quote Originally Posted by dsayles View Post
    With all due respect Chelle, I have been researching your company and am not convinced there is not more than meets the eye. I have taken advantage of the opportunity to reach out to you by phone and can not find your extension in the directory. Additionally, my company provides a resource to help you to target candidates more efficiently that what you can do on Monster or Careerbuilder, where the candidates are more than likely looking for full-time permanent employment with benefits. I realize exposure to as many people as possible could be an advantage to using general job boards. However, why not post these positions on a website dedicated to independent professionals? I am in the interview process with your organization, do not intend to move forward until the legitamacy can be verified. I would like your direct extension, if possible, to discuss in more detail.

    Thanks in advance

    dsayles - let's at least be fair!! I called SRN today, asked for Chelle, was placed on hold for about 2-minutes.... and she answered. So I don't think you tried very hard.

    This site amazes me. Any company that offers anything other than traditional hourly pay or a traditional salary is a scam according to the people here (don't believe me? check out AFLAC ... you know... the duck).

    Thank you to those of you who actually did some research and posted helpful, verified (and in most cases verifiable) information.

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    I signed up with Strategic Research Network as a Researcher because I was impressed with their business model and the demand for custom research and internet marketing services.

    In a world full of get rich schemes and rip-offs I have found that this company has been honest and direct about the hard work that is involved in making any business a success. I have also found SRN to be run by serious business people with a straight forward approach to running their operation.

    They do what they say they are going to do, honor their agreements and have, what I believe to be, an earnest commitment to helping their Researchers reach their goals.

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    It sure sounds like BS to me

    Maeven, Christene, and Brent all surely are fakes who work for them.

    They googled the company just like you and I did and register in forums where people are trying to warn others about this, to try to convince more saps to sign up.

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    Quote Originally Posted by Keen Observer View Post
    Thank you very much to all who have posted above about this company.

    I received the solicitation through Monster.com and coming from a credit analysis background the Research Assistant opportunity interests me.

    After reading all of the posts above I can only add these comments:

    Having performed work on a contractor basis before, the request to be incorporated is not out of the ordinary. The corporation that hires you pays your corporation directly and then issues a 1099 Form for the tax year. That way they do not have to withhold taxes for you or provide you with health benefits as they would for an employee. The $400 to $500 fee they quote isn't out of the ballpark but yes, you can accomplish it for less. The issue would be if they insist that if you are not already incorporated then you must use one of the companies that they recommend to you. If they insist on that then there is no need to continue with them because obviously they are receiving a fee and "research" is really not their real business.

    If I were to hire a research assistant, I would like to know that this person has some type of related experience, has good writing skills and is somewhat organized in order to understand the task and present the results. As someone indicated above, a telephone interview is sufficient or even perhaps a writing sample. Give them an assignment if they can't do it then they are not considered again. I do not need to see their tax returns, credit report or bank statement. If you apply with a company for a permanent job then some of them do ask to run a credit report on you. For SRN to request, and insist, that I supply that information to them means that I will never work for them. It is entirely un-necessary.

    Similarly, I have used GoToMeeting software for an on-line instruction seminar. When the seminar is over, that's it, no further access. I will not, nor would I advise any of you, grant SRN or a Researcher permanent access to your computer: they will be able to look through all of your directories and files with this software. Any research, data and writings you would generate can easily be E-mailed as file attachments. Again, it is not necessary.

    I seems from the above postings that we would be "researching" companies to locate names, telephone numbers and E-mail addresses of either puchasing or hiring decision makers at the target company and providing that type of information to the Senior Researcher. OK, no problems there, we are actually trying to find sales leads and/or job candidates. It could even involve cold calling, which is a form of research. However, if any of us have to use our home telephone and call long distance telephone numbers at some volume level on a consistent basis then we foot the bill. How are we compensated for that or better yet, is there an access code for us to use so we are not personally billed at all? Why make us pay for it at all? It's a business expense related to the project.

    The gentleman who posted the terms of the Assistant Research contract was so helpful, thank you. Again, after reading the posts and SRN material, the compensation is a percentage of the job. How are any of us ever going to know what the real billing of the job is? I would be afraid that after the hours I may put in and long distance telephone expense I may incur are going to average out to an hourly wage not much above minimum wage. Add to that the information about probation and SRN's cut of your income and you are really not earning much at all. Why, as someone hired to do basic research, would I ever have to sign a non-compete contract? Again, it doesn't make sense. The above post that it is advantageous for SRN and the Sr. Researcher to keep cycling through a new group of Assistant Researchers makes sense.

    The previous post also raised a good point: I have never heard of this company, I do not know anyone who works for them and I have never seen anything written about them in the media or the business press. Doing the type of research on them that they are requesting we do on their behalf indicates that no one or no company publicly states of having used their services or praises them. In all honesty, I believe that their business model is nothing more than selling franchises of being an "SRN Researcher". The information they are requesting and the commitment they are requesting may be applicable to someone buying a franchise (ability to weather the start up phase) but it is not applicable at all to an Assistant Researcher. In all honesty, again, I do not even believe that their franchise is worth a damn: anyone with common sense, a telephone, a computer with an Internet connection, a public library and the ability to speak clearly and quickly can get started doing what they want $17,900 for.

    In the end, and this is just my opinion and I have no relationship with this company nor any other company like it, I think this company is not really offering a bona fide employment opportunity.

    Actually, 1099's are NOT issued to Corporations, so that is not a legitimate reason for SRN mandating this level of business for the Research Assistants. I keep thinking their reasoning is to make sure the Assistants are forced to have liability insurance in the event of a law suit by an unhappy client for inaccurate information or email spamming.

    I am so tired of finding how easy it is to stumble into a scam where honest opportunities should be. Might just be where my business opportunity lies.:

    The idea that they should be able to view such extremely private information on the assistants is an absolute NO WAY for me. If I have to take the time to incorporate, I'm going to tack on my own Virtual Assistant services and offer non-competing opportunities to fill in what appear to be risks of big gaps in earning potential through this group. That's probably why they want access to your computer/tax files, etc. But, nothing would prevent someone from having a separate computer with nothing else on it just for SRN business.

    I am SO glad I found this site!! I will say, though, after receiving the same "next step" email from them for the 3rd time, I will be blocking them from my email. It's obvious they are trying hard to recruit for the big bucks in the Researcher area.
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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    I saw the SRN ad on Monster.com and sent in an inquiry. Only THEN I was able to access their FAQs...and didn't like what I saw one bit. First of all, sure, if you are going to start your own business you should invest in an LLC - which costs roughly 225.00 depending on your state's fee. You don't need a lawyer to set one up in Ohio - they provide you w/ all the forms and you send in your check. The important parts of getting either a DBA (Doing Business As) or an LLC ( Limited Liability Corporation) is getting a Taxpayer Identification Number that keeps your business earnings & costs separate from personal, and the legal protection wherein your home & personal bank accounts& property are not able to be attached in the event of a lawsuit.

    I don't believe the math involved: you are paid 3-7 dollars per lead..so how long before you reach the 70-90 K promised? Another section 'guarantees' you are paid a percentage of what the 'real' researcher makes off your lead. How do you know what the reasearcher made? There is no way to find out since your 'partner' and you never meet in person, and, in fact, probably don't live in the same part of the country. Ya just gotta trust 'em,, I guess.

    Further, the 'forever' ban on doing research bothers me. It seems if you sign up there is NO way to advance in this company...making it a poor prospect.

    Then you must be willing to live without ANY income for 3 months...I have a Bachelor's in Applied Management and have 26 yrs experience...and I've NEVER seen a legit company ask persons to do this. I figure you'll put in a month or two for them doing research, get fed up & quit...and they get the benefit of your work gratis. The credit check is not mentioned in their FAQ..it's a real scary idea to give these jokers one's SSN! I've worked for some high powered companies and not ONE ever demanded a credit check! The whole 'corporation' appears to be less than 10 people and the company is not publicly traded.

    I admit I should have realized it was a scam right off...all the warning signs were there...and I failed to check out the company before sending in my inquiry. I've already added them to my spam list.

    Just shows to go that even the best of us mess up on occasion.

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    Thank you all for info on SRN I too applied for assistant recruiter and they sent me info asking for 17,500. Thats when I new I should look for more info. after reading all post I too feel this is a scam.

    Have a great day

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    Thanks to all for the research and Scam.com for this website.

    No one should ever require access to the personal information this company requires for the assistant job.
    Though possibly technically legit, this company leaves too much hanging out there. Not worth the potential for problems disappointment, and headaches.

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    Yes I believe it is a scam, they called me and basically kind of interviewed me and tried to explane what they do and used up about 30+ min. of my time. I feel it's get the money and then get out, 17,000 to start a business to help other business's I say not.

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    YES, THEY ARE A SCAM!! Insane!! Don't people here even read the previous posts? I too sent my resume to SRN and have been spammed everyday since! When I went to the interview page, they ask, “Can you go 1-2 months without making any money? “. Hmmm… so you want free work? I’m so glad I came here to research them. Do they think someone interested in a research position wouldn’t research THEM? Hell, if I made minimum wage for all the time I’ve researched hundreds of scams online over the last 13 years, I’d probably have a couple of hundred grand!! Here are some excerpts from previous posts that sum it up. (italics are directly from SRN):

    ‘8) Reporting and Discovery. Assistant agrees to furnish SRN with copies
    of its phone records, bank documents, and tax records upon request
    by SRN, and furnish SRN with remote access to Assistant’s
    computer(s) via GoToMeeting, web meeting, or a similar remote access
    service at SRN’s specification.
    9) Liquidated damages. In the event it is determined by a court of law
    or arbitrator that Assistant has breached this agreement, Assistant
    agrees to pay liquidated damages in the amount of Fifty Five
    Thousand Dollars ($55,000) to SRN.JusTho‘

    ‘I just received an email regarding invitation to their first orientation meeting. It seems like you do not need to pay anything to become assistant researcher, but here is how they charge you fee to start. So on top of the possibility of not making any money for the first 3 months, you will also share 50% of your first $40,000 revenue :

    "Unlike our Researchers, Assistants do NOT pay SRN a fee to get involved. Instead, SRN receives half of the revenue an Assistant generates until $10,000 to $20,000 is paid to SRN (depending on the research areas they work in). This is the long-term cost of getting into a “real” business where you can make tens of thousands of dollars. In other words, we get paid as we help you achieve success. The Assistant receives 10% to 30% what they bring in as far as revenue and the Researcher they work with keeps 70% to 50%."-kingtut‘

    Just read posts from these 2 people, then you decide. Pay them ½ your pay, then they don’t give you anymore work. Let's just look at this, "Assistants do NOT pay SRN a fee to get involved.Get involved? Does that mean to apply and train? Then what is,”$10,000 to $20,000 is paid to SRN”, if not a “fee”? And what is it, $10,000 or $20,000? Also, notice how SRN2007 (Chelle Fritz, 800-790-1533, Executive Vice President, StrategicResearchNetwork) was so evasive and didn’t even dare address the above issues. Ok, maybe they aren’t a total scam. But I’m pretty sure you’d be lucky to make minimum wage before your work dries up after you’ve paid them and they recruit another assistant. At best they are marginally legal. BTW, from their site, SRN Researchers make a one-time investment of $24,900”. I guess $17k wasn’t enough corporate greed.

    Keep this in mind, “The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away" (Tom Waits). Here’s another example of this kind of business (sometimes called “turn and burn”). I worked for a Dish Network dealer in a phone room for about 3 weeks recently and it was HORRIBLE. The ad I responded to said inbound calls only and at the orientation they showed us a chart and told us we could make $800-$1800/wk in commissions and bonuses. After 3 days of training I happened to overhear someone saying they take 30% off for non-installs and when I got on the phones I soon realized maybe 3% were inbound calls and automatically dialed calls were about 70% answering machines and hang-ups! Then I found out if you don’t sell at least 20% cable and 20% credit monitoring (not in any of the paperwork they gave me) you don’t get any bonuses which is 1/2 your pay! They also issue fines from $50-$250 for saying or not saying certain things. Hardly anyone there makes more than minimum wage. I worked 67 hrs. (yes, I am willing to work that hard) my last week there and only got paid minimum wage for 46 hrs! I can’t say I didn’t try hard enough.

    I’ve seen scam.com come up on searches for years but never clicked through before, thinking they were just another fake “review” site with “recommended” affiliate links (they make a commission). Another consumer advocacy site I check out is ripoffreport.com. Also ratracerebelion.com (they are linked to this site) has a lot of good info and ways to spot a scam.

    Rat race reminds me of a great one a frienemy claims he came up with, “It’s only a dog eat dog rat race when sheep let pigs rule”. Here’s one I came up with, wadda ya think?

    I pledge abhorrence to the fraud
    of the United Snakes of Scamerica and
    to the corpocracy for which it stands,
    one nation a facade, egotistical, no
    liberty, no justice just gall.

    Please understand, this is not a put down of our great nation or the honest hardworking people in it. However, few can deny the fact that corporate greed has usurped our political system.

    I’m usually a lurker (I’m sure some people wish I’d stay lurking) and don’t post very often, but I finally decided to take the plunge and get involved. I guess I have a lot bottled up. My butthole feels like the Grand Canyon after taking so many screwings trying to “do the right thing” being open, honest and compassionate. I have very little, if any, fight left in me nor the resources to sue people. I guess it’s true that, “No good deed goes unpunished”. If you are kind and generous, please check me out here >> READ THE RULES The domain name was a business idea I had but never followed through. I would much rather have meaningful honest WORK than BEG, but finding an honest and fair employer/partner/affiliate/associate/mentor in Scamerica seems next to impossible.

    Thanks very much for suffering through this diatribe.:yelcutelaughA:
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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    I almost pulled the trigger on this. I think it is legit, but I didn't have the cash. The upfront cost was $13K when I was looking in early 06 but went up to $17+. The folks I was talking to at SRN were up front about the cost increases. For the money, they provide you a laptop or desktop with some very powerful software loaded up and configured. Also included is basically a Membership in SRN. As the "Network" in SRN implies, the company offers training in how to use the software for generating business, and provides a cross-communication channel for between members of the network to share workloads. The common tools and training, as well as requiring the incorporation of the individual researchers business as a show of commitment, to provide a common baseline of reliability and knowledge, promoting trust between members of the network. So, if someone lands a large client, they can hire an assistant researcher themselves (perhaps using the pool of talent SRN has pre-screened) who only does the research labor for a fee (no accounting, sales, or marketing) or they can farm parts of the client workload back through the SRN "hub" to other SRN businesses. If your business is not doing that well, you can reach back to the SRN hub and try to pick up those jobs for your business. I think it is a good model and not a scam, although I believe and expect that SRN is making money by managing and regulating the network. I can see where they would have a vested interest in making sure the businesses that "buy in" to their business model are staying legitimate in order to protect the integrity of the network. They expect and require you to conduct your business on the equipment they send you with the software they license to you, so allowing them access to your records on that equipment seems like it could be a plausible business need, but I admit uncomfortable. I sat through a 30 minute online demo of some of the software they use (I think it was Salesforce and something -flag). There are robust tools for creating email newsletters, managing RSS feeds, and tracking potential customers. The data mining software seemed very effective at quickly building corporate organizational charts by trolling for data off the Internet, including emails and phone numbers as well as job titles. Very useful for building a sales campaign and tageting specific clients. I talked with people at the company and considered the options for about 6 months. They sent me regular newsletters and occassionally made contact to update my interest level, but then broke off contact when I became a "black hole." They never abused or sold the email I gave them (I know because i used a specially created one from Sneakemail.com that is still active and known only to them). They spent alot of time on the phone with me answering questions and I got to talk with three current researchers as part of them screening me as a potential candidate. They were all in different parts of the country, one in Canada, and seemed to be very genuine. They had very detailed examples of the work they do and answered all my questions with the same detail. Therefore I seriously doubt they were "scammers," although I'm sure SRN compensates them in some way for their participation in this screening process. If I had the money, i would have gone for it. I think it is expensive for the tools you get, but the training and the network contact may have been well worth every penny. Remember, requiring that you spend up to $500 to incorporate doesn't put a single penny in the pocket of SRN, so that is not the basis for calling this a scam. Everyone is a subcontractor in this model...no one is an employee. The main focus of most of the researchers is on recruiting, which can be very lucrative with successful new-hire placement fees ranging from 20-50% of first-year salary, so landing five or six $100K hires a year makes you $100K-$300K. I hope this helps someone! Good luck!

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    What is "Strategic Research Network" or SRN?

    This is my understanding, please help here:

    They sell two options:
    Researcher - Cost you $24,900
    Research Assistant - They take a part of your pay, but, there are not many available positions.

    What the Researcher does:
    - B2B research: Find information about business for prospective businesses
    - Head Hunter: Try to find prospective hires for companies

    What the Researcher gets for $24,900:
    - A computer laptop: You can get one from your local electronics store for $600?
    - A search database that uses "bots" and "spiders", comparable to google which you get for free
    - Proprietary databases? Probably information gathered from 10k's. You can get this for much less than the $25K. Check out companies like 10wizard.com, reutersbusinessinsight.com, proquest.com, lexisnexis.com (infopro), etc., etc. You can get access to many of these proprietary databases through your library (public or college).
    - I doubt they have any leads they will give you
    - Probably some advice

    What is required of you as a "Researcher":
    - Probably a lot of cold calling telemarketing style.
    - To fork in a lot of cash for them
    - You will be competing head to head with human resources departments from companies, with careerbuilder.com, monster.com, etc. The world is limitless on the amount of competition you will have.

    You are better off giving me your money and I will give you paid advice which I will give you for free anyways: Look for a real job, OR keep your money and start a business on anything with that amount of money.

    I also think it is extremely lame that the company purports to teach you "search marketing" and how to provide Search engine optimization "SEO" services, yet if you check their webpage's google pagerank, they have a lame PR of 2. This means their website is extremely low competitive. Pagerank goes from 0 to 10, 2 is considered extremely lame.

    One thing I do have to give them is that they have personality. It takes a lot of it to ask for so much money for so little. It would be a cool thing to actually work for the company selling the $24,900 package to the unemployed and the needy:).

    I got their offer from either the entrepreneur.com or inc.com website, and received a mailing with the information.

    If you paid me $24,900 for a job, I would not hire you, because I don't hire dumb people.
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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    WARNING! Anything to do with Brian Marchant-Calsyn AKA Brian Marchant I suggest you run screaming from!!!

    DO NOT buy into anything this creep is selling! He is full of lies and deceit!

    All you will get for your dealing with him is an empty bank account and a bunch of empty promises! If you don't believe me just check out all the law suits he has against him in the state of MO.

    Just warning everyone out there. I wish I had been warned before I got cheated out of a lot of money.

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    What they claim: You’ll be working as an Assistant Internet Researcher. Doing.. uhh.. assistant internet researcher stuff. It sounds like a job, but…
    What they are: Another MLM scam that costs a whopping $17,900 to join! That’s not even including the expenses you’ll need to spend to incorporate your MLM scheme. From what I’ve read, no assistant jobs exist and you have to pay to become a researcher.
    What you should do: No job will ever charge you an up-front cost to start working! Use common sense here. Employers pay YOU, not the other way around. I wonder why the Internet has caused so much confusion on this subject?

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    I work on contracts at various times and for various companies. As for the tax advantages - there are tax advantages for corporations - but they are not going to count for much compared to the cost of keeping the books, the minutes and the other legal documentation required. The tax advantages of incorporation vs sole proprietor are minimal until you reach a much bigger size than running this little scam.

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    Re: "Strategic Research Network" - anyone know abo

    Direct email marketing software is software that allows you to manage and control your very own bulk email marketing campaign. The great thing about having your own direct email marketing software is that you do not have to pay to send an email to each subscriber on your list. Having this type of software can greatly reduce your business expenses because not only do you not have to pay for your mailings, but you do not have to pay and hire a marketing firm to manage your email marketing campaign as well.

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