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    PK Consultants USA Inc

    PK Consultants USA Inc
    Asset Managment Services
    110 Wall Street, 11th floor
    New York, NY 10005-3111, USA
    NY Office Phone +1 (212) 709-8072
    NY Office Fax +1 (212) 943-2300
    [email protected]

    Hellenic Republic
    Athens, 9th July 2010
    The Hellenic Capital Market Commission informs investors for the following:
    PK CONSULTANTS USA, Inc. with headquarters in 110 Wall Street, 11th
    Floor, New York, USA and website www.pkconsultantsusa.com, is not
    authorised or supervised by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and
    therefore is not authorised to provide investment services in Greece.

    It is noted that according to article 6 of Law 3606/2007,
    the provision of investment services without prior authorisation from the competent authorities is not permitted and constitutes a criminal offense, which is subject to criminal and administrative sanctions.
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    Re: PK Consultants USA Inc very detailed update!

    I have found a very detailed posting on PK Consultants USA Inc.

    Click on this link here


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    Re: PK Consultants USA Inc

    as u know being a liar and a sycophant is easier than being a successful bussinesman, from my personal research i found out that the link on
    http://thediligizerboard.yuku.com/topic/6 is full of bs and as a inaccurate with no evidence at all, here are some evidence for your eyes only http://financialinspector.blogspot.c...d-madness.html
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