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    Affiliate Markerters

    Hello Wonderful People,

    I would like to start a Affiliate Online Business, does anyone have any ideas and know someone that has a program that I can follow that is legit with the persons contact info that I can actually call and talk to.

    Any help would be appreciate :)

    To Our Success,
    MommaMillion :)

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    Re: Affiliate Markerters

    Affiliate Marketing is a revenue sharing venture between a website owner and an online merchant.The website owner will place advertisements on his websites to either help sell the merchant's products or to send potential customers to the merchant's website, all in exchange for a share of the profits.

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    Re: Affiliate Markerters

    Hey :) Since you wish to become a Affiliate, I would highly suggest you to check out this website.

    I can promise you that there is no scam within that site.
    It is pure Review on the top programs out there. So you have different options.

    I myself Is a proud member of WA :spin2:
    Contact me if you wish to know more :)

    Good Luck
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    Re: Affiliate Markerters

    Btw, I am new at affiliating my self, and I have learned much more by joining a affiliate "community", than I would have done several month researching on my own.
    And that's because I now got access to all the information and tools I need, without googeling all day long. Its all on the website :rryumy:

    Before I could easily end up on many scam sites during the day, which most of you probably have tried many times :
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    Re: Affiliate Markerters

    An affiliate marketer is a person who joins an affiliate network or the most prestigious products or services must sign a contract or agreement with online businesses to promote their products or services through a bond of affiliation.

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