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    Donnie Swaggart To Divorce Second Wife

    I have followed the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries for many years. I've even been to his church and enjoyed it. But lately I heard that Donnie Swaggart was divorced, then remarried and now he's divorcing this second wife. Then I also heard that the Swaggart's own a fleet of six Mercedes-Benz cars. Must be one each for Jimmy, his wife, Donnie, whatever wife he has at the present, Gabriel, and his wife. Then supposedly Jimmy owns a $1million+ home, and son Donnie owns a $700,000 home. At the same time Jimmy went off the air awhile ago on WGN and recently also went off the air on the Inspiration Network.
    I'm not just picking on the Swaggarts. This extravagant lifestyle is typical among most of these modern TV preachers. I just want to warn the modern ministers that many of you are on your way to hell. Jesus Christ said that on the day of judgement He will tell many ministers, "Depart from me, ye that work iniquity. I never knew you." Jesus said, "If ye would come after me, deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me."
    I don't see any self denial here, and that is a condition of discipleship. I'd like to see the Swaggarts and others sell their fancy cars and replace them with good used ones, sell their fancy homes and move into mobile home parks, and ask for their salaries to be reduced to a middle class level, with the savings going to the poor and for missions. "Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish" Jesus Christ said. See http://truthlifewayministries.co.za/...stries%203.htm

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    Re: Donnie Swaggart To Divorce Second Wife

    My comment for the person who is complaining about the Jimmy Swaggart ministriesis that the person says that they should sell their houses and cars and move into a mobile home and buy used carsis: while I do not condone waste or miss use of monies designated for the ministry, I also believe that if you do not know where the money came from, then who says you should judge them. I have met Rev. Swaggart over 40+ years ago and I kinow that he has recorded a lot of Albums and written a lot of books. the building (church) was paid for from the proceeds from these sales. I ask the author of this complaint, do you live in a nice home? Do you drive a nice car? Perhaps the is a little green in your life, after all a country group or rock group or a " movie star' can make a profit but a preacher can't? I say judge a man by his preaching and his care for mankind, not by our own predigest.
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    Re: Donnie Swaggart To Divorce Second Wife

    The Swaggert's deserve every penny they recieve. Everybody knows how this business works. You give them money, they spend the money. If you don't like this busines practice, don't give them money. I have always considered people who follow these preachers are weak, scared, feeble minded, or desperate. That is who they target in thier business.

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