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    Becky2010 is offline Freelance journalist looking to speak to anyone about work at home scams. Message me!
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    Anyone been scammed out of a lot of money??

    Or got an absolute scam horror story they can share with me?

    Have you lost a lot of money perusing working from home careers?
    Have ever you been harassed with emails and phone calls?

    Anything you can tell me about your experiences would be brilliant as I'm writing a feature on this subject.

    Message me if you don't want to write your personal experience here.
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    Re: Anyone been scammed out of a lot of money??

    I do believe there are actually quite a few of those types and kinds of stories here for you to peruse, Becky. Did you try reading a few posts before posting this question?


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    Re: PLEASE has anyone....

    I have been scammed the famous $97 product. That is a lot of money that I ever lost in a scam.

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