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    The only way i know (currently putting it to the test)

    Hi all,

    As you can see im quite a recent member, but i thought i would put in my 0.02c worth.

    As it seems alot of the members of this site seem to have been scammed at one stage or another or they are extremely cutious of being scammed... Either way one thing ive noted since joining this site is people on here seem to be very stuck in there way of thinking about certain forms of internet marketing.

    Over the last 3 years or so i as many do have searched the internet for different ways to make money, my first purchase was chris carpenters Google Cash, which at that stage looked like to much work so i just put it in the back of some file in my clutted computer!

    Since then ive moved into small time share trading, which did show some profits then as alot of people have also found that have been in shares.... big loses...

    One thing that i have invested in is neil waterhouses "Waterhouse Report" which seems to be a winner.. ive heard little negative coments about it from people that have seriously put it to the test... and so that has been one of my latest purchases.

    Neils report brought me back to google cash and the marketing displayed in this. Using Google to market products using a small ad on the side of search engines.

    but the thing Neil has shown me the most is that its far more profitable and easy to do if you have your own product, and as ive heard someone mention on these forums before... the best product to sell is information as people come to the internet for a source of information, and the majority of people would rather pay you a small amount to do the reaserch for them than put in the hours for them self.

    So this is what im in the process of doing. I have recently written my own book on my experiences of the form of share trading i did/do (as i have gotten quite good at it) and am about to launch it hopefully later this month.

    Alot of you on here shoot down sites made in frontpage with the whole basic makeup with the buy now and save type slogin along with loads of testimonials and (with some a click bank affiliate page)

    But when it comes down to it, its proven that if people see a bargin or stuff thrown in for free they are alot more likely to buy than if you are just saying what the product is and leaving it at that.

    This is the reason so many sites look similar, its cause the method works, why re invent the wheel when it gets you from a - b already? (and besides that - for me personally ive never atempted to make a site until this so thats all my knowledge can make HAHA)

    And as far as testimonials go, in no way do i want to make up my own... all my testimonials for my site are fully legit! (well to my knowledge - if the person sends in a fake testimonial theres no way i can tell... ) The way i have done it is, to start with i sent the book out to everyone i knew, and got them to read it over and put it to the test, then supply me with a testimonial along with any things they thought could be improved.

    Then as i still didnt have many testimonals as soon as my shopping cart is ready to go my book will be launched at a lower price as its not classed in my terms as a proven stratergy... so they recive the book at a low price until i have enough testimonials to believe that my product infact works, and when i belive that my price will rise.

    The above is what im currently doing and each stage, i just wanted to show you how this form of marketing works (and who knows if it does) this is my test version so i will keep ya'll posted on how i do :)

    Also the other resource ive used was a book on how to write an e-book in 7 days by a guy called jim vitale or something, which was quite good.

    Anyways, i hope this sheads a bit of light for those that have been looking at this form of marketing, and i hope to be able to supply you with results soon.

    All the best,


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    Re: The only way i know (currently putting it to the test)

    Hey all,

    Just an update, my final affiliate link just came through so my book is ready for launch, everything is now in place besides my credit faciliy (credit card processing) which has started proving hard since I am not located in the states.

    Will keep you updated.

    Until next time,


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    Re: The only way i know (currently putting it to the test)

    Hey all,

    Just to keep you up to date,

    Still having problems sorting out credit processing, (been working pritty hard last 2 weeks in my day job) I could easily set up a paypal credit process system but feel that will just limit the customer base, so am trying to get an external gateway to do all forms of cards and then have something like paypal as an extra option.

    So to sum im still basically in the same postition but slowly moving forward.

    Until next time,


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