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    Is this site a scam?

    I found this site when looking for life insurance on me and my partner.

    The quotes are quite a bit lower than my State Farm agent here in Miami provided.

    Anyone know anything about this operation? YourLifeSolution.com

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    Re: Is this site a scam?

    yourlifesolution.com doesn't look like a scam. The agent who runs the site is named Eric Smith, his licenses are in good standing and the quote engine does return quotes instantly so there is no false advertising to be seen.

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    Eric Smith is offline Instant Life Insurance Quotes at YourLifeSolution.com
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    Re: Is this site a scam?

    Hi, I was googling myself (as I often do):rryumy:

    I can guarantee my service is not a scam, and you can believe me because I don't hide behind gateway pages or other nonsense like that.

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