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    Where is my gift?

    Hi, I'd like to start a thread about those sites that have not fulfilled their obligation after we have legally fulfilled ours.
    I have dealt with Elitebrandsfree and Consumersavingscenter. I have completed all my requirements my referral completed all of hers, all of our offers went approved, I sent in certs and W9. It has been 8 weeks and I have received no response. My question: Has anyone ever received anything from Consumersavingscenter or Elitebrandsfree? Ironically they are located at the same address 950 Walnut Bottom Road Carlisle Pa. They also have the same suite number. No other information can be located on these people. Can anyone add to this list?

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    Re: Where is my gift?

    Consumersavingscenter is an I-Deal site


    heres a thread on people posting about I-Deal from a lil while ago


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    Re: Where is my gift?

    For CSC site...email this person

    [email protected]

    As that ideal website i've heard those phone numbers aren't real/don't work

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