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    Has anyone tried thedropshipperdatabase.com?

    Hi, I'm desperately looking for an honest drop shipper with great prices. Has anyone ever tried The Drop Shipper Database? (http://www.thedropshipperdatabase.com) I know if you have to pay for information, it's usually bogus, but I wanted to see what everyone thought.


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    Re: Has anyone tried thedropshipperdatabase.com?

    All the online dropshippers are a waste of time.
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    Re: Has anyone tried thedropshipperdatabase.com?

    You say "online"-- are ther any OFFline Drop shippers that are worthwhile?

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    Re: Has anyone tried thedropshipperdatabase.com?

    If you are interesting in drop shipping please take the following in to consideration:

    - Avoid all online dropshippers that advertise online. These includes the following companies

    Get E-Store
    Dropship Design
    Doba (Go Between Dropshipper that fronts for legit offline dropshippers like petra, moteg and dandh)

    - Don't sell products on ebay because the product get from the above supplies sell products to above wholesale thinking it acutally wholesale. They also infiliate the MSRP prices thinking that you are getting deals.
    Example of this would be an Premium XBOX sells for $399.99 Retail you costs from the above supplies would be $419.00. This doesn't not include any profit, paypal and ebay fees which is about 10%.

    - Doba & Mega Goods Charge a Fee for there services. Doba charges $30.00/Mon and Mega Goods $15.00/Mon. Don't do it is not worth it.

    - Customer Services is terrible.

    - If you are intersted in dropshiping the only I found creditable in regards to dropshipping is WorldWide Brands. The have information and list you can purchase for Legit Off Line Dropshippers. Here is the link


    I myself have experiences with all these companies and I have paid the price doing so on ebay. My mistake, but hopefully someone can learn from my mistakes. I hope this helps.

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